Harmony Creative DAO Governor Pay Transparancy Report

Below you can find transaction hash for each governor that has received their pay for work on the Creative DAO, This initial pay was to cover from November 28th - January 12th, as approved by the community on Snapshot vote - Snapshot
Payment for work for these dates was initially delays due to the funding delays hence why payments were made in one block.

Buythefndip 0xaf5d3908c7f2c7fde245577b096ecaaa1b3d84b0f6cfb9890ff06c925fb7cea2
Cheeky Chris 0x551a1970e744d84d6dbedfb02bb9bc5bd13955ec1b6f4d31af6a813dccab10ba
Chris Stakeridoo 0xa197a21c8af0ccba16c2e55f4f66c0248727e2ae4b649541e47bbba50f065066
HODLen 0xca9fe3ebd93251839b1e97f7e47528925af09fdd8d623c84b16ce679daa8b192
Bricktop_One 0x9ee22b4bbcd80829ec12969bfb69d1bd6a3a11d17c87f7f3c8405b4ab3675a82
Loechii 0x1ea414efef876ff77ab2720a3b757f0ac321d31fd74a2bfbf2b4b67a1c8d27f4
Thehighindian 0xe757d530976b50c9d74b40f6e0fd2594dc2422cac7666201ad1207a60fc6c77f
Thenursegreg 0x6ea44cc66ba946ca575ee0c8df9b23c5d75f50e56158c5b6dac03bc287095925

Aditional in depth information regarding hours worked and descriptions can be found on the following link - Payroll to date - Google Drive

There were aditional payments to the community DAO Governors paid out for assisting with the set up process of the creative DAO and running of the elections which were discussed on Talk.Harmony.One post - Funding for Support of Creative DAO Launch
Kakashi 0x37d31a53c2fb410ebfe22f8b8fd3e8b2c5bb5bbe3f252c269e856b55783d7929
Strongmindshold 0x912ff9421d99f498dd147765a642774fd2d545b19db74d9d9482f1ca7ea5364b
Ben Stakeridoo 0xa54f569debb978ff8507777cd96a3a967d5d8bc684b81860d4f6e1ff9c75659a