Governance in Harmony


What is Harmony’s approach to governance in terms of decision making and sustainable community overview?


I’m also interested in this discussion. Bump!


Major discussion point for sure… Maybe Harmony team can open their proposal and get community feedback. So much is dependent on how they see the long term structure of their network in parallel with product and their requirements. Quite an extensive and valuable discussion to have.


Hello all,

Great question @William! And glad to have a Governance Maniac here too, @satoshi

As of now we don’t have a fully formed story on governance yet, but we recognize governance as one of the most crucial aspects of any blockchain project. Good governance can give a blockchain long-term sustainability and adaptability, while bad governance can tear the ecosystem apart.

It appears that with many blockchain projects there is a natural and gradual transition from governance by the founding team to governance by the community and stakeholders. I find the on-chain governance mechanism of projects like Polkadot to be very interesting, but I also recognize that not everything can be achieved on-chain.

Let’s all work together to move beyond our broad ideas and form a stronger vision of governance for Harmony. Do you guys have any good ideas or places to start?