Harmony Grants AMA

From what I have read, the Code Red Exit Strategy has absolutely nothing to do with the leadership taking figurative ‘lifeboats’ and moreso the opposite. Above, @lij claims that this is being misinterpreted and that the Code Red is a high level of importance scenario in which the core team needs to work closer together than normal to produce remarkable results. Furthermore, the Exit Strategy that he mentions is jargon used in business/ science fields to describe the requirements needed to complete a given task.

My interpretation of the 2022 June Onsite document is that the team recognizes that there is a need to preserve the treasury through budgeting (specifically on cloud costs), VC fundraising, and most paramount: user growth… This document is actually a goldmine in following our key leadership’s train of thought moving forward, and they back it up with various market data and citations from known leadership figures in the business and Web3 space. See below for an example that we are currently adjusting to:

As much as I also want to see change and restructuring, we would be wise to agree that an organization of this size, which stands on the absolute frontier of technology and DeFi, is a formidable company to lead. We need to support each other both as a community and from the bottom-up, as well the top-down. This does not need to devolve into a blame game. I think that we can be much more productive than that. There are many valid concerns and I believe that the leadership is trying to do the right thing with what they have. I also can see that they are not simply making rushed decisions…


Very well written. Thank you :+1: :pray: :sparkling_heart:

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@lij While it’s really a terminology mix-up, a better consistent messaging to the community without heavy internal jargon would be better. There is a difference in corporate v/s pleb lingo.

However, the aforementioned individuals raise valuable concerns about vesting schedule unlocks for core team members.

The core team’s external messaging could be better in these precarious times :

  • Any vesting schedule unlocks & subsequent selling by a core member “exit” should be supported by Treasury buybacks.

  • Internal bonuses & variable pay components could be adjusted & spread over a longer time period (1.5 years-2 years) if higher quality targets are achieved, but with the necessity of additional lock-up.

  • Considering the team size is still small, any senior team member exits should be effectively communicated via official announcements in omni-channel communication platforms. It shouldn’t be the responsibility of the public to figure out when key project personnel have rotated in the past too (Alok Kothari, Nick White & Nicholas’)

  • Additionally, posting growth targets etc. is a bad idea because it is a gateway answer; it would only open further questions about the baseline growth numbers & what additional rationale did the senior leadership utilise for to enforce these projections, especially in challenging market conditions.

  • Business goals & strategy would be put to question, because development window for video games (indie/AAA) for quality games are longer than 6 months (unless there are partnerships & development work in place, which supercharge the team’s GTM plan). I still not agree with the NFT thesis right now, but there is a way to maybe fix it because I see that internal deliberations are going on.

  • As discussed previously, the team’s senior leadership should seriously consider active headhunting to fulfill key positions & advisors.

  • The challenge of fixing a precarious social image is not always overcommunication; it’s delayed, but worthy, planned word of confidence. Atm, it’s absolutely deficient and spuring community resentment.

  • The team in the meantime could really spend some useful time in conducting an ecosystem product review to understand, catalogue projects that have failed, that have rugged and in consideration of dire help to get their projects off the ground.

(Please take a page out of Amazon’s playbook on quality standards for managing a hosted platform with third party constituents. Amazon, Apple don’t push/nudge their vendors to agree with them always on unfair terms- But they have set a service criteria that needs to be met).

You can create an AliExpress/BABA like UX for your consumers if they want to be a part of the Harmony ecosystem, but it will certainly be an anti-thesis to the team’s internal design philosophy. No PR firm is going to remake that image, it needs a block-by-block review.

That’s also the reason they take a 20-30 pct revenue cut out of a builder’s paycheck.Think about edge & alpha, here guys.


Hey bud,
Hope all is well your way…

No disrespect by any means but you seriously can say with a straight face moving Sam Harrison over to Gamefi is helping Harmony?

How Is Sam moving to GAMEFI (Doubling down on your top talent)?He has ZERO experience!!

Simplicity scales, complexity doesn’t (The team is too busy created their new word of the month ‘guilds’) Overcomplex is what word often describes Harmony.

Alignment over agreement…See my first two points. Alignment is terrible. I seriously am too tired to show you some of the resumes of team members with their roles. it’s astounding it really is.

Tighten up value to drive sales…What NFTs? Again?

Hell, who is leading the marketing this week? it’s either a new person every week or 6 different people on the list lol

Reduce risk? You are coming to this action now with Harmony ONE at .02 cents? Little too Li to adjust treasury at rock bottom.

Please don’t take this in any form personal or negative towards youself. I don’t know you and have never had an issue with you so you are all good in my book :slight_smile:

We are so far off the original path that creating ‘guilds’ then next week ‘cubicles’ is not going to get you where you need to be.

Hiring PROFESSIONALS to come in and clean this mess up should be priority #1.
Firing all the dead weight. Priority #2

Just my thoughts.

Cheers bud!

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Terrible language for sure.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and realize he side stepped many important questions.

Take care bud!

I first heard about the Harmony project in 2020 at a Binance-sponsored meetup. At this meetup I met one of the Harmony team members, this guy seemed interesting to me, I got interested in Harmony and bought some ONE (this investment brought me a good profit in a growing market after a while).

At that time I was working in another blockchain project, so I did not follow Harmony much. But in 2021 I became interested in the idea of DAO. Then I remembered Harmony again and registered on this forum.

For me, the school of DAO creation in Harmony was very useful. There is a lot of useful information on this forum (I understand that a lot is copied from more successful projects) about building DAOs, but I was interested to learn exactly in Harmony.

But the more I immersed myself in the Harmony ecosystem, the more I learned about this project, the more I realized that there are many problems within the project.

All of the comments about Harmony’s problems that I read in this thread are familiar to me. I’ve seen many DAOs that got funding and did nothing for the project (stole money from the community). I’ve seen some teams get funding and others get ignored. I’ve seen Harmony team members take months to decide on funding and end up denying grants.

The Harmony project may look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside it’s a “for their own” project only.

Together with our colleagues we’ve built an open Harmony Ukrainian DAO community; we’ve created one of the most active language sections on this forum from the ground up. Several members of our team worked, made plans, drafted the program of open regional community in the Harmony ecosystem, thought over a business model.


Do you think any of the Harmony team helped us? No! All my letters on the forum were ignored by the members of the Harmony team. As a bonus, the moderator closed the thread with our proposal, in which we had discussions with the international community, received questions and answered them, thus improving our DAO program. We planned to do a funding request later.

When I read the comments of many active people, I realized how bad things are at Harmony. Here we are not looking at the technical problems in the Harmony blockchain network right now, and there are a lot of them. There is a large community built here, but a lot of dissatisfied people. There is bad karma in this project right now. This bad karma needs to be cleaned up. Will the Harmony team members want to do this?

In @lij’s large and detailed report, I read the global strategy, but I didn’t see a word about how the Harmony team plans to address the problematic issues associated with community building.

I’m interested in developing the Harmony project and contributing to its development, spending my time, inviting new people to Harmony, so I’m concerned about this question. It’s important for me to understand that people’s work in this project is evaluated on merit. It’s important for me to know that people at Harmony are treated fairly.


@lij Would be nice if you directly answered why some core DAOs haven’t been funded for months from before the funding freeze.

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No offense taken at all! My ego is nowhere to be found in the forum, friend! The graphic was derived from the June onsite document, not my opinion. My point in presenting it was to illustrate that they are at the very least sorting through leadership examples and trying to restructure. The execution is another story entirely, one that we happen to be in the middle of. I hope that they can continue to revamp the core team and to become much better at communication in the extreme near future, as I agree, this is an area that is lacking.

Another point- I don’t know or have anything against Sam. He seems like a nice guy. Whether he is qualified for the GameFi position is up for discussion! I think that maybe they are not hiring outside talent and instead trying to further utilize those that are already being paid (without additional payment), but I am not sure on that point. Overall, the core team seems to be scrambling to save treasury money and to also find the best path to user growth goals by EOY.

The key is that we can all discuss here and keep it on topic. I thank you for taking the time to comment and read through this conversation, as I think that it will continue to evolve into something that we might look back on and realize that it did make a difference.



Geez! felt this deep down. Honestly, this is very upsetting.

wow, so much to read through here. As have been mentioned, some of us are in both camps.
However something I will need to voice out is that, building in Harmony is hard.

The harmony developer ecosystem really needs to improve beyond how it
is today, because for our grant project something we’ve realized is
that we’ve had to build a lot of things by hand ourselves.

When I look at other ecosystems, AVAX, Fantom, Polygon it’s actually
amazing how much work they’ve put into developer experience and Tooling.

There’s literally an API or tool that would make your life easy if
you wanted to build a dapp on any of these chains, however harmony from
the outside looks like they have neglected its developer ecosystem.

For example:

  1. The Harmony explorer we have together should have improved to something more user friendly.
  2. Tools like Moralis have made dapp tooling for frontends easy, and already supports a lot of EVM chains harmony not inclusive
  3. Up until recently development on One Wallet and Harmony Gnosis safe
    haven’t had a clear path, the current harmony multi-sig doesn’t work
    well nor have feature parity with the main Gnosis.
  4. The harmony developer documentation looks like an un-attended to
    garden, with a lot of broken examples and outdated code, it’s hard to
    send a developer just starting out to go there to look for resources.

Innovative tools and platforms that spring up across DeFi, NFT and Payment streaming don’t usually look to harmony yet.

So as a builder, looking to create something innovative within the
community and leverage some of the most recent experiments that
platforms like Lens protocol, Biconomy and many more out there. It is
sad that we might never get any of these within the harmony ecosystem.

I don’t care much about the grants, just make it easy for us to build with harmony, and believe you me builders will buidl.


Great feedback :+1: I hope Harmony team takes them and follow-through.

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That’s what you said. There’s a lot of work to do, and no one at Harmony is doing it right now.

100% :dotted_line_face:


This is good feedback. I’ve seen this complaint from many developers and hope it gets addressed.


That’s the impression you would get from Harmony right now.

Lets get thousands of DAO’s going and then point fingers and call core DAO’s this and that while they fund their friends party DAO.

The core DAO’s had/have purpose and strengthen the chain by adding users/devs and increasing security of the network etc.

I was very vocal with the people with the “funding” role that if they didn’t treat the first DAO’s they created right like Validator DAO term 1 (still never got fully funded 1 year later), that their entire DAO tree would fall over and rot. Their post is still ghosted by the team to this day. NO COMMUNICATION AT ALL!!

If Harmony doesn’t speak up and at least show some appreciation and respect for all the work that has been put in from everyone that their refusing to pay, they are going to lose the best community in crypto.
People have bills to pay and families to provide for. The lack of accountability is appalling.

I’ve always stood behind Harmony, I’d say one of their biggest advocates. I don’t stand behind people that rip me off though.

Tough times.


Hello Li,
DAOs nd web3 still very new in crypto, infact lots of crypto people and your DAOs governor’s don’t know about how DAOs exact functional.
You guys announced the ecosystem funds but you guys didn’t make the framework of the DAOs .Not a single DAO tooling you guys mention to all DAOs .

I don’t support single DAOs here not even your Core DAOs . Imho whatever salary remaining just pay to them and end this DAOs chapter.

Crypto still a small world, this DAOs mess now spreading in other ecosystem community also . They know what’s going currently with harmony and thanks to community for this, Great, Super !


After having some time to digest everything, I’ve thought about some things that have gone wrong and tried to think of some way to move forward. Name calling and finger pointing only serves the purpose of venting frustrations and doesn’t typically lead to meaningful change. Obviously anything here is my own opinion and my suggestions are nothing more than that.

I can understand why people think core DAOs might be useless but I would disagree and think that even without future guarantees of funding, they can be very useful. IMO, the 3 most important aspects for Harmony to be a successful chain (outside of the work the core team is doing) is to foster a robust community, validator pool, and developer network. If those 3 aspects are growing, Harmony benefits.

I feel the only way to calm tensions in each of these communities would be to offer compensation for time spent by governors on each of the corresponding DAOs (Community DAO, Validator DAO, and Developer DAO). Each council made efforts under the assumption that time spent would be time rewarded. Making good on these payments would be a sign of good faith from core team that these individuals are valued on some level. I would also include the Creative DAO in these payments. These 4 DAOs were not Community created, but instead were conceived and initiated by the core team as core DAOs. Therefore, all affected individuals in these DAOs are ultimately where they are due to the desires and actions of the core team to see them implemented. Even if funding can’t proceed for these initiatives, issuing money owed for all individuals would remove any obligations and would allow for progress. I still think at least the initial DAOs mentioned have a path forward.

The community DAO would benefit greatly from having the funds from the sale of the crazy.one domains available to continue development of the project. When these sales were initially made, it was stated that the funds collected would be for the benefit of the community DAO. Keeping these funds allocated as such would not just give the DAO an avenue to continue work already begun in hopes of making the DAO sustainable, but would be honoring the commitment made to the public by Harmony when putting these domains up for sale. While work has been suspended on this project, the DAO has not given up on it. Even if the funds already collected through sales are not enough to see the project through, there has been discussions on ways to raise funds to continue work on it. Having the funds already set aside for this would be a shot in the arm for the DAO, would allow Harmony to feel it has done what it can to help the DAO succeed, and would remove most negative sentiment within the DAO around feeling left behind by the core team. With the understanding moving forward that the DAO is in complete control of its own fate, it might be exactly what is needed to set the DAO free. If sustainability efforts fail, so does the DAO. End of story.

As for the validator dao moving forward, perhaps the ONE tokens in the treasury that are not currently earning staking rewards or those that are not committed to other means could be used for the validator bootstrap program and if 10mil+ ONE are staked and earning, the rewards from the staking could be earmarked for the VDAO, allowing for a nest fund to establish further sustainability methods. Harmony could set a future date to review the accomplishments of this program, discuss with the DAO on future plans, and decide at that time if the staking rewards delegated to the dao are worthy of continuing. If the DAO cannot make a good case for it’s future at that time, then the end of the program would be justified and Harmony could put the fate of the DAO entirely into the hands of the validators.

As for the developer DAO, I am less familiar with their segment of the chain and it’s daily operations, so my suggestions may not be feasible, but in theory I think I have suggestions if the DAO were open to them. For starters, it has been discussed prior to the funding freeze that the CDAO would be open to hiring the Developer DAO to assist with the completion of the crazy.one domain project. This would take the funding for the project and give it a possible dual purpose of allowing for CDAO sustainability in the future as well as allowing for income for the developer DAO. Another potential way forward for the DevDAO: it has been mentioned on this thread that building on Harmony is difficult for lack of tooling and documentation. I’m sure the core team would benefit from upgrading these things, but perhaps lack the manpower needed. The core team could create bounties specifically for the Dev DAO to improve upon these matters, which would undoubtedly work to serve the dev DAO’s mandates of onboarding devs, benefitting the ecosystem as a whole. This funding would be seen as justifiable by the broader community, I’m certain.

Also, collaboration amongst DAOs could be encouraged. A portion of funds from any future amounts in the CDAO and DevDAO treasuries could possibly be committed to assisting with the bootstrap program, allowing the VDAO to decide with whom the other DAOs’ treasuries could be staked to assist with growing the validator pool. I’m sure there are other possibilities for mutually beneficial collaboration amongst these DAOs that I cannot think of at this moment.

As for the creative dao, it never really got off the ground and honestly, without funding or a sustainability plan in place I don’t know if it has the ability to be stood up as a stand alone DAO. I think it would be fair to pay governors for work done, but perhaps going forward, it could be absorbed by the community DAO as a subDAO since it’s mandates serve the community DAO’s mandate of using creative campaigns of products to attract users. Perhaps some pieces of the CrDAO’s plans that can proceed without funding could be implemented and achieved in the short term. I would like to see the overall plans for the CrDAO be preserved, though, and perhaps revitalized if/when the CDAO can build a treasury. Maybe in the future, initiatives of the CrDAO could be revisited and implemented by way of community vote and use future CDAO funds to see them through. This would pay homage to the long hours and vision of those that have worked on the CrDAO through uncertain times.

I hope these thoughts will be considered and responded to by the core team. I feel that if these ideas could be implemented then there is a possibility that bygones could be bygones and we could move forward with a better idea of what is expected and there would be more clarity as to what can be accomplished and how. The only other request I would make is for Harmony to work towards integrating the full gnosis multisig as its lack of functionality was a major contributor in the DAO’s inability to implement many plans and swaps to stables to secure budgets.

I also hope that the emotion coming out in the posts in these threads can be seen as passion from those that have poured their hearts and souls into this protocol and we can all move forward without personal attacks. If we are to move on from here constructively we ALL need to show empathy and humility, be transparent, treat each other with respect and communicate better.


The Dude always has the broader picture in his scope, My vote would be that a Dude of the DAO’s be appointed to oversee and quantify which DAO’s perform to their intended purpose. An initiative has to be put in motion asap and get a supreme decision maker in place that is a liaison between core and the respective DAO’s. I nominate Harmonius_Dude for this position, no one in the community can disagree his motives and actions have been pure of intention from the day he came into the community. This Dude abides for DAO’s!


Even using this thread to dramatically rant about u not getting paid. You have been paid more then reasonable amounts of money for stuff thas hasn’t add anything of value to the H1 chain or its investors.

It was never about love or passion for the chain or community. Now u see @Sam , it always has been about the money! I told u, you should have worked with passionate volunteers for they wouldn’t cause such drama’s as this queen above.

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You’re back Bagelhole. Everyone has missed you. I hope wherever you have been for the past month or two you have been well.

Anyway, have a great day.


Thanks for your voice of support @GlennB2370 ! You’ve always been there for me and supportive of what I try to bring to the space. With DAO ops having been dissolved, I’m unsure if that is a position likely to be created, but I truly appreciate you thinking so highly of me.

Hopefully we can stay on topic of the grants AMA. I would hate for this thread to be hijacked by people with personal vendettas. The past weeks have been stressful enough for everyone. Using a forum for personal attacks when it’s not relevant to progressing forward does not add value to the conversation.

Let’s do better and focus on progressing, not regressing to old grudges.