Concerns About Harmony's Future

Hi everyone, I’m the founder of Cosmic Universe as many of you already know, and my team and I have been tirelessly working full-time for months developing a 3D open-world fantasy MMORPG built using Unreal Engine 4. You can see what we’re been working on here if you’d been out of the loop. I felt the need to address some major concerns myself, and many other project leaders on Harmony, along with validators and DAO governors, are having regarding Harmony’s future. I speak from a position of being completely invested in Harmony’s ecosystem and giving it everything I have since last summer.

To date, Cosmic Universe has received $10K funding out of an original $50k approved, which was less than our original request amount of $250K. The next $10K milestone will not be received until testnet is out from what I remember. These sort of funding barriers would have made it literally impossible to get CU to where it is today. The only reason we are still able to move forward to developing it is because we used the $ONE proceeds from our 2D Wizards NFT sale to fund our team of developers. To date, we have spent a few hundred thousand dollars on developing our MMORPG and everything that goes with it. We deliver updates practically every day to our community and even have a Weekly Wizard gamedev and community update newsletter on Medium. Those who have sharp business acumen could see that what we are developing has the potential to become a $1B+ project on Harmony.

I recall Harmony didn’t like our 2D Wizards, which were originally going to be gamified avatars and once we had more funding we would develop 3D Wizards, which is exactly what we did, and we’ve started showing off what they look like, to be fully completed all 10K 3D in-game models by the end of March from what the 3D modelers tell me. This 10K 3D NFT collection will be airdropped for FREE to all current 2D holders, even while we spent over $100K developing them, showing we’re not a money-hungry project but actually care about being fair and giving back to our community that has given so much to us. What is strange to me is how Harmony doesn’t share the same sentiment. It almost feels as if Harmony doesn’t care for Cosmic Universe at all. My repeated questions and requests for discussion in our CU <> Harmony TG groups go ignored and unanswered. This is making me quite concerned about the leadership decisions going on behind the scenes at Harmony, especially given the massive scale of our project where we have around 30 people altogether, most of them providing their services full-time to our MMORPG and community.

All we got was $10K so far from Harmony, which is definitely appreciated, but a drop in the bucket when you’re developing an MMORPG. We’re developing what I am certain has the potential to become the largest project on Harmony once the full release is out, and one of the largest in all of blockchain gaming, but to do that we need to be able to keep paying our devs to keep doing their great work. You gave another project $250K in an equity swap like the standard VC sort of deal, yet this was not something ever proposed to us, even after assurances that Harmony would find us funding somehow beyond the $50K grant approval that has rather tall orders for the development of an MMORPG. In any case, we are currently prototyping and will have a gameplay demo out in a few weeks most likely.

As I understand it, one of our Advisors spoke to someone at ETH Denver on the Harmony team about our project but it didn’t seem like they were interested which I found very confusing, discouraging, and disappointing, to say the least.

I feel like CU and myself are being ignored here, which is concerning for me from a business standpoint.

Let’s be realistic; we already know there will be a mass exodus from Harmony if concerns aren’t being addressed properly. Also, DFK is expanding to Avalanche, so myself and many other project leaders and validators believe time is of the essence here to ensure projects are expanding to Harmony more than the other way around.

What happens over the next couple of months can make or break Harmony, and that includes the projects on it like ours.

I want to keep CU on Harmony but it feels like the team doesn’t care about us at all anymore. I see $250K was given to essentially a mobile game I will refrain from mentioning, while one DAO was given $250K out of $2M it will be receiving from my understanding, which is fine and all but the issue to me is that we’re building the most advanced game (which takes time btw) to ever grace Harmony, yet were given very high barriers to funding from the get-go and now we’re being ignored completely. I see this as being unfair.

We are developing a full-blown 3D MMORPG. We have the Cosmic DAO. We have community governance on Snapshot. We have the most advanced game NFT marketplace on Harmony. We are launching a completely game-changing DEX called OneFi in a couple of weeks. We have 3D Wizards airdropping in a few weeks. We have a prototype and game demo in a few weeks. We have the pre-alpha live by the end of May. We’ve done character and land sales. We’re reaching for the stars with Cosmic Universe, showing of several sneak peek videos and other alpha already. We’re developing our own custom way of connecting Unreal Engine with the blockchain and player wallets after Harmony couldn’t come to an agreement with Venly, used by The Sandbox for example, that would benefit far more projects on Harmony than ours and help it be a gaming hub in crypto. It would go a long way to show that Harmony still cares about us.

What is going on? A lot of us are concerned about Harmony’s future. We do not wish to see more projects leave the ecosystem and the blockchain suffer in a far more devastating way that it already is, and I strongly believe it will if something doesn’t change. Harmony’s ecosystem is small as it is, and rugpulls, soft rugpulls, de facto ponzis, etc have been too many, leading to weakening investor confidence. Questionable funding agreements have been made in the past numerous times.

I believe we need more transparency, more strategic business decisions being made, and a Communications Manager as well as a Strategic Business Manager on the Harmony core team.

I love Harmony and its community and this is why I raise these concerns. I live and breathe Harmony practically every waking moment of my life and as a business owner, it is my duty to raise these concerns.


Wizzard Blizzard,

I 100 percent agree with your sentiment here. I understand Harmony has their metrics and what not they are looking for in projects, but I also think they need to focus on ecosystem growth first and foremost. The fact Mars Colony got a Project X Investment for 250k and really are nothing but a NFT platform at this point with questionable tokemonics is enough for me to be concerned. I know that has been their initiative at these conferences, but support who you already have first. I have spoken with a lot of projects that are growing on Harmony and love it here as do I and sadly many of them are exploring other chains. I feel some of the spending by the Harmony team on certain DAO initiatives and the Project X funds are being misappropriated. This is my personal opinion, but as a community member and very in tune with many of its largest investors I see the need to address ecosystem growth as number one. I feel a lot of investors are also looking to leave the chain and this is a serious concern for me as a die hard Harmonaut and long term investor.

Best Regards Harmonauts,
Nicholas aka Biznustime


I just had a similar conversation with the core team today. I think you have very valid points and what you’re building is going to be much bigger than anything we’ve seen so far. There definitely needs to be an open dialogue about the communication between projects and the core team.


I agree with you entirely. I have many years experience working in large corporations and government departments. The best ones were the ones that had great communication and transparency.
For me, that’s the biggest point from what you’ve said. If there are reasons behind the decisions that have been made then those should be clear and public, particularly in this space.

Anyone who knows what we’re building in Cosmic Universe can see the potential. We’re well on the way and to not be embraced by Harmony is a little bit like a slap in the face. Even if the financial support can’t be given for whatever reason (and as I’ve said a detailed reason would be appropriate), I would think that a 3D open-world MMORPG (the first of it’s kind on Harmony) would be a flagship kind of game that would bring investors to the chain.

When I first came to Harmony it was because of Cosmic Universe and I’ve since invested in other projects on Harmony as well, benefitting the chain. I see this as the kind of pattern to expect as the game grows and it’s growth would be much easier with the support of the core team. It would be a shame if a collaboration agreement could not be reached to support this endeavour.


Thank you for this post, as a network validator I can echo your concerns. We have had discussions as validators on changing network mechanisms without much avail; most do not participate or it gets swept under the rug - so I can feel any frustration you may have. I agree with your concerns of having roadblocks when it comes to funding - we need a client based NFT game built on a fast and cheap blockchain to retain users. The potential IS there and cannot be ignored. What drives user engagement and retention? Thats use cases - projects like this offer that on a silver platter, especially when you add LP to them as another means of interacting. Hopefully this finds you well and the core team will be able to have free time to address this.


Hey Wiz,

This is quite upsetting to see this. I wish and hope Harmony gives the CU team the treatment you guys deserve. I believe Harmony will benefit significantly with what CU is building. I have yet to see anything close to what you guys have. I wish success to CU and Harmony. Love both!


Youre preaching the same sermon ive been feeling the last 5 months. Harmony is not sufficiently involved in their ecosystem and failed to solve the root cause of their RPC issues.


Hey Wizard,

Just mentioned you on a thread on Twitter.

Someone asked when I would be getting a Harmony piece of bling and I explained why it wasn’t quite time for celebration as of yet.

Situations like this are precisely why I have been wanting for months to join Harmony, if even in a small way. Being able to empower builders on this network, and for the projects built on Harmony to feel supported and able to reach their full potential, should 1000% be a primary focus of the Core Team.

I would love to work with you as YOUR advocate in order to work with Core team to see how we can salvage the relationship here. You are being heard loud and clear in your call for aid. Please let me know ASAP if you would like to set up a meeting or two and we can see if we can plot a good path forward.


Great job! Please work out a win-win situation beneficial to all including Harmony One community members or investors. Thank you so much :pray:


Where ever cosmic universe goes I will follow as am sure many people will. I hope everything works out with harmony ONE.


I certainly share some of these same views you’ve mentioned here Wiz. Having observed the contribution from yourself at CU, a range of unmentioned Harmony projects, DAO’s and communities I found this really hard to read that this is the support you’ve received compared to some other grants that have been approved. You’ve done everything you said you would at CU and its probably fair for that further support financially especially when I consider @Biznustime and @clayford comments above.


I’m really disappointed in the way CU has been treated, and I hope the Harmony Core team can take a moment away from buying Apes on other chains, to stop and look at the development and progression of their OWN chain. Large, legitimate projects are leaving, while more and more rugs appear. Devs hate working on a chain where they have to build everything from scratch, and the obvious favouritism is tiring. Would love to see Harmony Core take a deeper interest in their own ecosystem, and hope this call to action is seen.


ONE team, please work with CU and sort this out. It’s sad to hear this. I’m a big fan of CU. Troy and his team has been doing a phenomenal job and keeps the CU community in the loop on daily basis.


I loved CU for making the choice in working with Unreal Engine 4. That would be amazing to see a project with that type of magnitude playable on Harmony. I love games and I have been surprised by the lack of support CU have been getting. I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys. I fear the only way we can help our community is by supporting each other. Harmony has been dropping the ball for a while now and it’s incredibly disappointing. What’s worse is that Wiz had to go to this level to try and establish some kind of communication with Harmony. Flu I want to thank you for taking the initiative here. I see you do more for the community in terms of project support than I have from Harmony. Great to see you and here and I hope this is a wake up call for Harmony team.


I’d just like to echo the sentiment of the post here, I’m an avid supporter of lots of the gaming projects within the Harmony ecosystem. CU has a solid and welcoming community here in harmony as do many of the other great projects being built.

It is a common topic of conversation that support for projects that are showing promise off of their own mettle and hard work are not curated and accelerated by the Harmony core team, as would have happened in other ecosystems.

Speaking as an investor I have been starting to only look more seriously at projects that have serious cross chain ambitions in place to protect the long term viability of my investments and it shouldn’t be this way. We should feel comfortable that Harmony can grow and sustain projects in order for them to thrive within this ecosystem as well as others.

Hopefully with Flu and more people like him on board that are hands on and know the majority of on chain projects well this can start to be the turnaround on communication and support that is needed.



I really share the same concerns of @wizzardblizzard . I am a hugh supporter of both Harmony and Cosmic Universe and I read almost all posts related with the new and on-going projects on the forum.

All the CU team have been working on this project since day one. I really appreciate what they are doing. However, these concerns are very accurate. I have been asking to CU team whether are there any investment negotiations with Harmony team etc. as CU has already demonstrated what they have been doing and what they are heading to. Meanwhile lots of projects are getting solid funding from the team even before they launch, even its not funded they get lots of recognition from the team on social media. So why CU, and I (as an investor and part of the harmony community) felt like Harmony team does not treat CU as the same way they have been treating to other new project?

With all due respect, I really find insincere when the team is praising the project after they got lots of attention. This was the thing when DFK attracted lots of people. To be honest, I don’t want Harmony’s support after the CU game is launched, if they are not willing to co-operative and being supportive now.

I don’t know whether Core Team is aware… But Ragnarok (MMORPG project) has left the chain and moved to Avax. The Granary Finance has moved to FTM. DFK is much worse, Avax has allocated a sub-net only for DFK.

Please focus on what you have in your hand before focusing on richie rich Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and thousands of DAOs.



While I fully agree with the feeling that some are being chosen over others. The Project X funding was based on face to face presentations and discussions during an event that was very important for Harmony.

“We are developing a full-blown 3D MMORPG. We have the Cosmic DAO. We have community governance on Snapshot. We have the most advanced game NFT marketplace on Harmony.”

For a lot of people, a full blown web3 3D mmorpg in less than a year sounds very unobtainable. Triple A companies take over ten years with millions and millions and millions of funding and still end up creating a full world that lacks interest after a few days of playing and that’s web2. Now imagine doing a transaction for every database mutable transaction, it makes the game a lot slower. A community governance on snapshot is not a USP and blindly claiming to be the most advanced NFT marketplace on Harmony might not be true. (not sure why it would be more advanced than the multicurrency reflections marketplace of GFX for example, or the lending mechanism of DFK).

I’ve been where you are at, I’ve noticed a couple things to look at, think of and react with in order to come over the way you want to. Shoot me a DM on Discord, walk me by your equity proposal for an investment and show me your pitch deck. Those make and break your proposal.


I just wanted to shout you out for mentioning Granary.

Obvious self-interest moment



Yes I realize this isn’t the place to joke around.

Yes, I am going to continue to do so at times. I was plenty serious up there ^^


Whether Harmony feels like the criticisms outlined above are true or false doesn’t really matter at this point in my opinion. What DOES matter is the fact that they exist and absolutely NEED to be discussed open forum. Ignoring them wouldn’t be a good route to take. I hope a dialogue can be created where people are given time to speak; let’s put it all on the table and have it out with the intention of coming together united in our direction. No middle entities; just direct discussion with no fluff or thinly veiled promises. Is that too much to ask for?


100 Percent Agree here SMH