Helios - Reducing 10M tonnes of CO2 by 2030

Absolutely, plenty of building to be done. We’ll go ahead and launch on testnet once we finish up the frontend changes, perhaps then our product will be simpler to grasp :+1:

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Helios Update - We’ve got the backend up and running on our local testnet, planning to port it to Harmony testnet in the next week or two. Frontend still needs quite a bit of work but it seems the Helios protocol will be coming online even sooner than expected.

Hope y’all didn’t forget about us :smile: :sunny:

Another fun update, fulfilling our previous promise (all the way back in January), we now have 4 solar installations online in India, generating clean energy and stable returns for our earliest investors.

Also worth mentioning, we received nearly $100,000 in grant funding from the recent Gitcoin Grant Round (GR13) which will go towards building 7 solar installations on top of hospitals in Guatemala!

The future is bright :sunny: