HIP-24: Harmony testnets (Devnet + Testnet)

Hello brother!

First of all thanks for the post, i didnt really expect that so fast. Some of the terms and conditions should be discussed a bit further for sure, but mostly it seems ok.

However the team has currently changed it 180, so i dont expect this to get finalized anytime soon, for now. So lets revisit once Harmony will know a bit more on what they want or need.


Thank you for coming up with the proposal! We really do need something like the testnet your team proposed. I believe @Jacksteroo came to the VDAO and wanted us to facilitate this proposal because they wanted it to be funded by the VDAO. With that messaged being sent to us. All 9 Governors Decided on coming up with some terms and conditions that we believe to be discussed and shared with our fellow Validators. That way we can follow the VDaO Charter and create the Vote.

@Maffaz and @ben2k_Stakeridoo are ready to rock as soon as we get all the details finalized and Harmony’s Ok signal


Yeah this was the idea, but right now its on hold from the Harmony’s side. We are awaiting news from @leo and @Jacksteroo.

The last payment method we discussed was quarterly payments upfront so that we have covered costs and less hassle in sending tokens out each month (due to price fluctuation) and the chance of payments being slow (if Harmony wont send out the whole grant - issue is no one knows how many tokens that will be for a full year), then they might be sending in increments to the VDAO and then VDAO still has to send to us minding the TWAP.

For penalties we can simply roll them over to the next quarter payment and cut the token amount for any additional downtime for the previous quarter. This is ofc all debatable, but im not sure we are in any hurry now (i feel like the team might take quite some time on this).

WRT to the downtimes: with the experience we have running the current testnet (and experience from pre mainnet testnets and mainnet 0) we know theres a chance that the downtime can be longer than expected due to forces we cannot control, like bad code upgrade or the team needing time to debug a major issue. In these cases we would expect an exemption if we fail the uptime or the SLA (recovery). This should be communicated properly by us before hand or as soon as we get that info from the team.

Lets also await any update from the team, if they update us in the private channels we will notify everyone here upon the final decision/plan for the testnets.


Is a great proposal I m definitely behind that proposal ! And I like the idea of all bootstrapped validators have to run a node in testnet!!

@Jacksteroo @leo is there any update to this proposal? We have the support, we are just waiting for you guys.


I want to add to this that we are already running the testnet at the moment, but basically without any funding except server costs and a little bit for the man hours we put in, but there is currently no formal agreement, so i would like to see this formalized soon


Been using testnet quite intensively for the last few months and its been running smoothly the vast majority of the time.

You guys are doing a great job and defo deserve compensated, if not a retrospective bonus as well.


thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

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After careful consideration and recent developments, we have decided to withdraw our grant application. We thank you all for your support!

@leo @Jacksteroo what are the plans for testnet now?

We are working with other partners for a new testnet plan.


Thanks for the update!