How do you manage your smart contracts?

I am turning to blockchain/web3 developers because I am very curious about your answers to the following questions?

  1. What are good ways to manage permissions to update or control smart contracts in teams? Does each person have the private key or do you use a tool for multi-sig?

  2. What are some best practices/strategies and what tools do you use for version control and collaboration when working on smart contract development in teams?

  3. How does your team ensure the security of smart contracts? How do you secure the private key that owns or control the smart contract?

  4. We need to hand over a smart contract to a client who is not familiar with web3. How do you hand over to them a smart contract and access to manage it?; Is the deployment process usually on your side or on the client side?

  5. I have a non-web3 client taking over smart contract management from me. What are best practices in smart contract management to recommend them that a non-tech person understands?

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