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Those tips are very usefull! I’m trying to engage with the community, specially from my country. I see it as a great and ample market waiting to be guided. I believe ONE has value and it’s heavily underpriced. So due to this, would be beneficial to start in being adopted by the masses. The Brazilian crypto community is quite small compared to the numbers that we have, 223 million inhabitant and less than 5% heard about crypto. And from those 5%, less than 30% actually used. Acording to Chainanalysis those 30% is responsible to put the Brazil in 13th Global Position in crypto adoption.

Trying to set foot in many fronts as possible to give ONE more visibility, but I see that I lack the resources needed. Our TG community has around 200+ members, I´m moderating there and trying to promote a little more engagement to the members, but feel like I´m missing the resources to do so. Otherwise the adoption will be slow paced as we´re currently observing. There´s no reddit or subreddit yet, I´m producing some youtube videos , not anything too fancy (as example Staking HarmonyOne - Guarda Wallet - YouTube), but just to start guiding on staking, and will soon produce soon education content with ONE unique features and more guides over dapps, bridge usages and etc.

That being said, I believe this is the right moment, to try to spread the word about ONE and educate people about it. Since the Harmony Ecossystem grows each day, the fees are minimal and blazing fast transactions , all of this combined is exacly what is needed, since we recently adopted a one of a kind of instant bank transfer called PIX. It vaguely ressembles as blockchain, the adoption was massive, and HarmonyOne could be benefited from this & ride the tide as well.

I´m quite curious, but still alone, have some crypto enthusiast friends as well, but I lack the information needed to create a DAO or even make a proposal to ask for funds to achieve the intended objective.

I would like to have some help in order to try to help the Harmony as whole to be the first blockchain mass adopted in Brazil.

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