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Hey y’all,

Just discovered Harmony pretty recently and this is all super cool! I’ve got a decent amount of experience in frontend web development and could pick up a few bounties that were listed here: Open Bounties & Tasks , but it doesn’t seem any of the links there point to open issue requests / bounties (maybe I’m mistaken).

My skills:

  • 3 years React + Typescript, using tech like redux, also can pick up Vue if needed
  • Also work full stack a bit: Python, Node, database management & DBA, cloud platforms (AWS, GCloud)
  • I work on a lot of personal projects so I’m familiar with designing, scoping, prototyping, and shipping webapps
  • Can provide more credentials in a non forum setting

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I’d love to pick up some work or join an existing team if there is any. I had a few questions about bounties:

  • It looks like bounties are similar to feature requests / bug bounties for harmony products, do users find and submit these for themselves to do or does the Harmony team post about them?
  • where can I find all active bounties that people are working on?


working in EST

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Welcome! Will DM you a message, let’s talk

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Thanks Jack, I sent you a message on Telegram