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Proposal overview

HypeX is a web3 platform that is heavily focused on building next-generation technology for the digital world. Smart contract-enabled NFTs have a myriad of capabilities that will drastically change how people interact with each other, but the creation and deployment of most NFTs today lack many potential capabilities.

HypeX has developed proprietary DYNAMIC NFT technology that allows for the creation of state-of-the-art all-in-one NFTs including tokenomics, gamification, fractionalisation, wearable tech, and all other blockchain-enabled capabilities. A HypeX DYNAMIC NFT is a composable NFT that combines many different assets, ruled by smart contracts, enabling unparalleled integration and capabilities.

The first major tool that HypeX will release is the DYNAMIC NFT Launchpad. The launchpad is a one-stop-shop enabling creators and brands alike to launch their own DYNAMIC NFTs. With this proprietary technology, communities will be able to wear, collect, trade, play, and even earn throughout many metaverses and crypto games.

HypeX is also developing a full scale NFT marketplace that will enable simple, yet comprehensive NFT collecting and trading made possible by HypeX DYNAMIC NFT technology. The HypeX marketplace will be powered by the HypeX token which will enable unparalleled de-fi opportunity for collectors and brands alike. With the ability to stake tokens casted to NFTs, collectors will be able to earn significantly while holding. There will be many additional unique NFT de-fi solutions on the marketplace allowing owners to earn more.

The goal of this proposal is to integrate HypeX and Harmony blockchain solutions wherever possible. This can be done with launchpad and marketplace considerations. HypeX also hopes to leverage the Harmony ecosystem and community.

Proposal ask

100K USD
Technology development, operational resources

Metrics for success

Proper deployment of launchpad.
Operational marketplace.
Successful drops

External links

Project website:

Project Twitter: HypeX Twitter

Project Discord: HypeX Discord

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Looks good. Investment approved.

HypeX will bring Dynamic NFT technology that lays the infrastructure for NFT mass adoption through integrating with various Metaverses and Defi Projects, lowering the barrier-to-entry for users and improving user experience.

This investment has been completed: Harmony Blockchain Explorer (at the time, price = $0.14468000)

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This was funded 2 months ago, Can the community hear an update regarding this one? Thanks! @StarkZhang


What is the status on this project???


Hey @MyPrecious.One . Sorry, I just saw the reply. I updated to the telegram group. Here are April updates:

+Finished first two NFT launches;
+Finish Beta of our go-to-market product HypeWear (Connect physical merchandise to digital wearables)
+Initialed celebrity, brands and influencer partnerships

May Update:
+New NFT Launch: Golden One
+Initial new move-to-earn lifestyle app with built-in Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements:
+Initial the new partnership with Star Collective
+NFT Minting for Greg Tanaka DAO


To clarify,
The Tanaka DAO is releasing its NFT’s on polygon and Jackie is the one who did it.
Harmony didn’t fund the Tanaka DAO either.

Can you elaborate on what was done with the $120,000 worth of $ONE (691180.5363 $ONE aka 100% of funding) that was sent to Binance one week after it was received?

Also I find it interesting that there have been no updates to this until conveniently just after a twitter thread starts to expose potential corruption.


Hey there, may I ask why the NFT launches have been on ETH, the upcoming one on polygon, but none on Harmony?


Hey Harmony Community,

To address the issues mentioned above and in Twitter space:
We met the Harmony team in ETH Denver. And we received the grand from Harmony one week later. We were not asked for deployment on Harmony while we received the grand.
We used the grand to pay for our development and operation team.

Social Media:
We have been facing team changes and product pivoting in the past two months. We didn’t announce too much about what we had been working on to the public. So, therefore we didn’t engage our community but tried to figure out the direction from the team first.

Future Harmony Integration:

  1. We will deploy on Harmony for our future NFT Drops
  2. We will support HRC721 and HRC 1155 for our upcoming Utility NFT Launchpad
  3. We will support HRC721 and HRC 1155 for our upcoming Move-to-Earn game

I am really sorry for letting the Harmony community upset. After cleaning the mass from the past months, we will announce the new roadmap on social media soon. And I really appreciate the trust from @rongjian and @lij. And we really appreciate the honest opinions and concerts from the Harmony community. I apologize that we did not do a good job to communicate with our community. We still believe NFT is the best blockchain application so far. And our mission is to let everyone can create a meaningful and useful NFT that the NFT should not be just used for display. We would really appreciate hearing more suggestions from the Harmony community.

If you have further questions or concerns please contact us on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram. And you can also contact me from Telegram: @starkzhang or email me at


Stark Zhang

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You should all be updating your harmony talk page once you get funded cos the community is watching… :eyes:

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Hi sir

From my understanding, the move-to-earn ‘game’ you have planned looks just like another Stepn clone. (Of which there are so many in the market already)

Stepn has been very successful, but move-to-earn as a whole is nothing more than a glorified Ponzi. (I use it myself, have covered principal and am enjoying the payouts, but I’m under no illusion that it’s anything more than a well disguised, gamified Ponzi)

The demand for the token (GST in the case of Stepn) is fueled by new investors coming in wanting to earn money, upgrade their shoes, breed their shoes etc

Once the influx of new “players” stops or declines, so will the demand for GST, and eventually it will crash, just like all ponzis do.

What does your team intend to do to ensure that fl3x_io (your m2e game) does not just end up as a Stepn (read: Ponzi) clone? What will it do differently to ensure sustainability, and not end up hurting Harmony investors in the long run?


I feel bad. Hermes is asking for 100k. The community attacked them. But these guys got 100k and have had 0 progress since. Very sad.