Launches: AleSwap - Multi-chain payment platform

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AleSwap is a decentralized multi-chain platform for merchants to receive any crypto tokens on any chain from customers.

For example, customers can buy a pint of beer by using ETH on Harmony, then AleSwap will convert to USDC and transfer to the merchant BSC wallet. Merchant does not need to have a wallet on all chains to receive payment from customers.


  • Convert tokens using the best rate algorithm from multi AMM routers.
  • Cross-chain bridge. Use one wallet on the desired chain for merchants to receive payment from customers on different chains.
  • Customer Loyalty Program. Spend and get an NFT stamp for more benefits from merchants.
  • Mobile Wallet for customers and merchants.
  • Vaults. Multi DEX Yield aggregator with auto-compound. Customers are able to use Vault LP to pay.
  • Yield Farming. Provide liquidity on AleSwap and get rewards.

We launched AleSwap on Binance Smart Chain in June 2021 and partnered with brewpub, craft beer bars, restaurants, and cafes in Thailand. One of AleSwap co-founders is brewpub and meadery owner. Currently we have around 12,000 users per month (most users are in Thailand) with $2M TVL in Vaults and Yield Farming. We plan to launch our platform on Harmony One in October 2021 to expand our user to Harmony Platform and use much less gas fee when spending compared to BSC.

By the way the spending value and transaction via our Platform is not much due to COVID lockdown. We hope the transaction will gain a lot after lockdown in Q4/2021.

Proposal ask

$50k for development, marketing and liquidity for bridge on Harmony Chain

Metrics for success

  • 10k+ users on Harmony in Q1/2022
  • 10,000 spending transactions per month in 2022
  • Vault TVL $10M+ on Harmony in Q1/2022

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