Liquidity DAO April Connectors Bounty Program

Hey guys!

We at ONE Liquidity DAO are excited to announce a new bounty program to reward contributors for building standardized integrations to exchange, lending, asset management, and other DeFi protocols on Harmony, in order for those venues to be programmatically accessed via Hummingbot strategies.

For this time, we want to focus the bounty on building DEX connectors for Defi Kingdom and Defira (Tranquil Finance) on Harmony chain, details as follow:

Program Terms


  • One Liquidity DAO:
  • @hoang as the bounty manager

About ONE Liquidity DAO
The ONE Liquidity DAO (“Liquidity DAO”) is an open collective that exists as both an arm of the Harmony Protocol ecosystem, as well as a wing of the open source Hummingbot Foundation. It is an experimental, independent organization comprised of members from both the Hummingbot and Harmony communities that will promote liquidity on the Harmony Protocol and for the ONE token by leveraging the open source Hummingbot codebase and its community of liquidity providers. To learn more, please visit: