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Mempodera DAO

Token PWR

The Mempodera DAO is a descentralizada organization within the mission of bringing to web3 The vulnerable population that is being kept behind at this revolution. We strongly believe that soon the world will be connected mostly on web3 and If we want to create solutions for the minorities in representation that is exactly the majority in population, we will bring them onboard not just bringing their problems to us to solve but also being part of solution, learning and creating.

A DAO makes all sense when we think about how to create awareness, empowerment and owning their achievements.

The problem

The lack of access to technology, education related to the web and support to be part of the web community.

The community

We already have put together a strong community through Mempodera, now we want to bring them onboard into web 3. We have approx. 300 members, and 1,000 (including their families and friends).Create NFT’s for Museu de Favela that allows the guests to continue engaging with the community and be able to support it even after they have left.

Short term goals, one year

  • Have 1k followers on social media
  • To teach 300 hundred people in the first year.
  • Launch our social token

Long term goals, 5 years

  • To have 50 people employed and working with web3 that came from our classes
  • To support at least 10 people travelling to conferences
  • Have 10k DAO members
  • Have the NFT’s collection made by students

The classes

We will have at least one class per month during the whole year and a Bootcamp in January and July that will be 12 days in a row.

We want to form at least 3 monitors from each edition.

Our token

We will launch our token in 6 months, PWR.

Within the launch we will sell a NFT collection made by our students last year in their First class about Blockchain.

Who can have a token

  • People that participate in the web3 course and complete at least 70% will receive the social tokens. Holders of the tokens will have decision making capability for the future of the DAO.
  • Mempodera students that take part of the program will launch NFTs, which will be subsequently put on sale.
  • Funds received from the NFT sales will be split between the Treasury and the artist.
  • Other people not in the courses can also be invited into the DAO (by those who possess the social tokens)

Vote system

Everybody who has the token can vote.


With the money from this grant we will be able to play for:

- Teachers
- Computers
- Wi-Fi
- Management
- Marketing
- Technical support for the token
- Governors

As a strategy to be sustainable financially we will keep part of the money that is not being used in investments like liquidity pools that can generate more income.


We are asking for the US$10.000 grant.

Our team:

Aline Silva, MBA, Mempodera Founder an first Womxn Vice president.
Fausto Vanin, Dev, Co-founder of One Percent.
Diego Moraes, Journalist at Globo Network of Television and Founder of Ubuntu Podcast.
Marcelo Silva, PhD, Researcher and entrepreneur.

Our community:

IG Mempodera:

YouTube Mempodera: É festa na Mempodera! - YouTube

Proposal Presentation


A mistake in the proposal is that Marcelo Silva is a contributor not a governor. Just want to correct the error :slight_smile:

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Hello, @alinesilva :blue_heart:

Thank you for bringing this proposal to our attention. I appreciate your enthusiasm for teaching and onboarding new users.

Unfortunately this proposal, in its current format, does not adhere to the guidelines required for approval of a bootstrap grant.

Our guidelines regarding the minimal considerations and amounts for DAO grants are explained in the DAO Funding Guidelines. Please refer to those when submitting a Grant request.

Please note that we are currently revising the Harmony DAO Bootstrap program. We believe that a “Minimally Viable DAO” is one that has accomplished, at least, the following three items:

  1. Established a multisig wall with a 5 out of 9 signature requirement.
  2. Held an election for those 9 signatories that includes at least 12 candidates and over 100 voters.
  3. Has issued an “Membership Token” of some sort (a DAO NFT, for example)

When preparing your revised submission, please take these guidelines into account. I’m looking forward to your resubmission!

Thank you so much for your time and interest :blue_heart:


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Apologies @alinesilva for locking the proposal!

I’ve been informed that this project was a Project Y grantee from @Boris_Polania

Excited to see Mempodera DAO’s progress.

Thank you!

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Thanks @frwrdslosh !!!

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As a part of Harmony Y, I approve this proposal!

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As part of Harmony Y, I approve this proposal too! Novell

Aline and team!

Congratulations - you have been funded.


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Any update on this? I haven’t seen much content in your socials with anything related to Harmony.

Another great project approved by @Boris_Polania, keep up the good work mate!