MotoDB DAO - IoT meets Harmony; bringing web3 to everyONE (call for Governors )

Hi All!

Vedant from MotoDB team here, I would like to give a brief overview of MotoDB.

The MotoDB Protocol is a decentralized connected cars network built around empowering the car drivers and incentivizing them to capture and store their car related data. . Our aim is to develop a safer, immersive and more rewarding driving experience by building a data-centric ecosystem running on MotoDB CarMiner hardware. We aim to Democratize Driver-generated Global Car Data by empowering car drivers and enabling them to collect, protect, share, own and monetize their Data.

Here are previews of our MotoDB Blade

We have partnered with FalconX and iWaves (hardware providers), and will be launching in the next couple of days! Excited to join the Harmony Community.

Currently, we have been approved for the Launch Grant (details can be seen here) and have also completed a Testnet Launch with harmony. You can take a look at our launch video here

We are looking for 1 multisig holder from each of the following communities listed below, if you are interested, please reply to this thread or DM us!

MotoDB DAO background
Today, while crypto and web3 space have garnered a lot of attraction and interest all around the world, real world applications of web3 still remain low. Existing Internet services such as file storage, identity verification, and the domain name system are being replaced by modern blockchain-based versions. While software-level decentralization has moved quickly, physical networks are taking longer to affect. These networks are more complicated to decentralize as they often require specialized hardware to function.

The MotoDB network is a decentralized connected cars network built around empowering the car drivers and incentivizing them to capture and store their car related data. We strive to empower and incentivize vehicle owners to monetize their user-generated vehicle data and open up unlimited possibilities for this data to be used by various Ecosystem Partners to react proactively for enabling many use cases e.g. dynamic insurance quotes, servicing offers, dynamic resale quotes, competitive analysis by manufacturers, etc.

With major manufacturers going electric by 2035 and self-driving cars a present reality, the automotive industry is undergoing a major renaissance. The future of the car will be more electronic than mechanical, the automotive industry will be driven by data. Everything around cars such as predictive maintenance, black-box insurance, car resale, ride sharing, etc. is going to be driven by car data.

We strive for MotoDB DAO to be “Driver-Powered DAO”. Our hope is for MotoDB DAO to act as the central hub for all web3 automotive advances.

Our 3 mandates are:

  1. LEARN: Increase education and awareness of the value of car data
  2. EMPOWER: Enlist governance from community holders to empower car drivers and automotive industries to democratize Driver-Generated Car Data
  3. ENFRANCHISE: Enable organic expansion through bounty and social campaigns

The mandates summarize the mission of the MotoDB DAO as a decentralized organization, and charts a clear path forward for all participants.

Creating a Harmonious MotoDB DAO family

MotoDB DAO family will serve the overall purpose of empowering car drivers into web3 to create wealth in harmony. The core roles of DAO governors are:

  1. Governance
    All the decisions related to MotoDB treasury will be implemented through voting on proposed MIPs (MOTODB improvement proposals).

  2. DeFi
    DeFi for Vehicles can be enabled based on the Vehicle Data generated by the MOTODB Protocol. Various different approaches to DeFi for Vehicles, including services like decentralized insurance, second hand car finance, car resale, etc.

  3. Developer and Data brokers
    We want to facilitate anybody anywhere to use the data to develop their own ideas like carpooling, ride sharing, etc. so the approval of changes or custom apps to be deployed to MOTODB consumers will be done through MOTODB DAO

  4. Institution involvement
    We see many academic and commercial institutions wanting to build their own models and aggregating their data using MOTODB CarMiners and their own sensors. They will join MOTODB DAO and then work with the drivers to get their customized data.

  5. Investment and scholarships
    MotoDB DAO strives to incentivize device builders, service providers, and consumers to contribute to MOTODB in unique ways e.g. creation of marketing content, decoding of Car data, etc.

Snapshot Voting and Treasury
The voting mechanism put in place on site proved to be an invaluable tool for users to raise and vote proposals on MotoDB.
For MOTODB DAO elections and relevant proposals for MOTODB DAO will be used on the Snapshot platform on Harmony.
Holders of $MOTODB will be able to vote on existing proposals, create new proposals , and utilize the governance section of talk.harmony to engage with the community to formulate the best proposals for the DAO.

The Harmony Foundation is kick starting the MotoDB DAO with $10,000 . The importance of this is to enable rapid proposals and implementations on MotoDB to further the launch of MotoDB on Harmony.

Initial governors are listed below:

  1. Atul Chatur (Co founder and Marketing) - MBA from Insead
  2. Vedant Kadam (Co founder and Tech) - Masters in Data Science
  3. Aashay Doshi (Co founder and Tech) - Masters in Chemical engineering (Control systems)
  4. Shubham Choudhary (Co founder and Tech) - Masters in Robotics
  5. Kushagra Shrivastava (Harmony)

MotoDB Multisign wallet: 0xce8Aa420B388704F744cdC2BD2Cc4937fe3f9013

MotoDB twitter
MotoDB Telegram


Very interesting project I believe I can help with one of the Govs positions at least for a while.
BEng Electronic Eng, Msc Digital Telecoms Exec MBA

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Very interesting project, going to keep an eye on it. So this would plug into the OBDII port to pull the vehicle info?

MotoDB Blade is a single piece device that directly connects to and logs data from the OBD-II port. It also has a set of on-board sensors such as a 9-axis IMU and a GPS. It connects via the vehicle’s own onboard diagnostics (ODBII) or CAN-BUS port with a SIM card, and an onboard modem enables communication through a wireless network.

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Great! Do join our discord group for further updates. We can connect there for further conversations. Group invite: MotoDB

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Great invention. I read an article today by JPM on their focus on POWER. Within the article is all about interconnectivity with the collection of cars data.

What are you plans in privatizing and publicizing consumers data from the sensor?