MtopSwap Funding Proposal for $75,000

Absolutely! We are going to add price / liquidity aggregation along with Price Feeds as soon as we release, which is only weeks away at this point :slight_smile:


Hi Friend!

Thank you for taking the time to provide your opinion. All voices are welcome here and I appreciate your time reading through the grant proposal. We’re actually not a DEX aggregator as you suggest. This is a common misconception, but no worries. We offer a multitude of features, such as Multiswap modules, price routing, modular price charts which can be toggled by each individual swap module, and also a slew of safety features, like honeypot detection, and a wallet blacklist that our team has curated for the past four months and which contains over 350 malicious addresses. We use this database to warn our community of coins that are associated with known scam creator/ funding wallets.

We also host AMA each and everyday all around the Harmony space, as well as a once a month Twitter Space to allow the family to get to know our core team a bit more over voice. You’ll find that we have widespread support and that our team and community places this project at the forefront of our effort and agenda here on the blockchain.

Moreso, the core team devotes heaps of time cultivating the community, engaging with other projects through our E-sports initiative, and being active within the Harmony ecosystem wherever possible. This is our home and we welcome everyone to join us in Discord to get to know us and the project better: MtopSwap

This should give you a clear understanding of who would pay for this software:


I regrettably must inform you that we are already deployed to mainnet and have released our POC. I understand that our software and community is not for everyone and do appreciate the time that you have taken to state your opinion.

Kick back, relax, and let’s see where things end up on the road ahead, friend.


Hey Devin. I know that there’s a whole lotta backstory (and some I’ll probably never know about), but I think you’re reading this project wrong.

Like you, I went into looking at Mtopswap as a cash grab. I let my perspective get in the way and hated the name, the schema, the team, the whole shebang. And then I started reading. I looked at the whitepaper, I went through this talk thread, and I had a 1-on-1 with HarmonyWon and we just talked it out (which, believe it or not, you could go onto his server and do right now and you’d get an answer within a minute 25 hours out of 24).

Product? In steady development, from what I can see. No concerns about the release schedule. It’s healthy and shareable. One user in the server today won’t shut up about how much they love it and I’m sorry if that sounds like a shill, but it’s just something I noticed today.

Given our histories, I don’t have any reason to support HW or Mtopswap, but I’m also not going to let my personal judgment interfere with objectivity and I think it will not only launch, but launch successfully and it’s because they want it to regardless of the outcome here.

Regarding the wishes to fail, I can only say this: thinking that way doesn’t lead to anything positive. Hope you’re doing well.


And, matter of fact, I really hope you come hang out in the server. It’s been a really good place to be even in spite of the market.


Hi @dpagan-harmony

Citing the most recent update, I realize that our project falls in what could be seen as a grey area. I just want to know if our community snapshot will be honored in terms of approval and eventual funding? As you can see here, we have had absolute support from the community and we have actively addressed all concerns that were brought to the table:


Hey Pioneer. Good question and I understand the situation - you guys have certainly had great support from the community. Let me forward this over to my colleagues so we can discuss.


Thank you so much for the rapid response! We are looking forward to hearing back and will continue to support the community in the meantime!

Also please take note that we have updated our proposal to further meet the new guidelines, ie: 5/9 multisig, POC on mainnet, etc


Yes - thank you so much for the quick response and seeing this great community in a way they deserve. And just a reminder - I have updated our grant proposal verbiage and welcome anyone to try our Proof of Concept, still live on Mainnet - of the initial multi-swap aggregator. I shared with @Flu. Looking forward to future discussions!


Hoping you guys could get approved! We love to see you guys in action soon!


This project does not offer anything to improve harmony blockchain!

Please only fund projects that will improve the blockchain, not some subscription dex aggregators!

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Hi there,

We are always open to hearing new ideas and considering community feedback. Please read the above material and provide constructive solutions/ ideas/ or anything that you would hope to see from a project. We currently offer a multitude of features, such as Multiswap modules, price routing, modular price charts which can be toggled by each individual swap module, and also a slew of safety features, like honeypot detection, and a wallet blacklist that our team has curated for the past four months and which contains over 350 malicious addresses. We use this database to warn our community of coins that are associated with known scam creator/ funding wallets.

We also have a POC video for you to better understand our starting point, which is currently launched on mainnet. Last, We have a robust community that supports us actively and that we engage with on a constant basis, as a family. We take this project and the work that we do here very seriously and have donated immense amounts of time and effort in order to form this startup.


Nice UX, looking forward to using this hope you guys get funded👍


WHAT A WEEK! We are now clear and confident in our direction moving forward. As many of you know, we retained our entire Treasury. See plans below:

  1. We will release as planned here on Harmony in August. The code is 80% finished already, so no reason not to. After we release our multi-swap aggregator and MTOP/ONE staking, we will immediately begin working on price feeds and “saved module layouts”.

  2. Mint is shifting from 50% USDC 50% MTOP to 50% ONE, 50% MTOP (MTOP utility is kept intact, ratio 50:50). The ONE will be sold regularly to act as a steady income, because we replaced it from USDC.

  3. Staking will still be ONE/MTOP as was (utility is kept intact)

  4. Multi-Sig treasury was created on Polygon and will be kept there for at least 6 months. Funds will be migrated there over the next 48 hours.

  5. Diamond Tier NFTs will resume by sending 200 USDC to our new Polygon Multisig Treasury. A graphic will be supplied to ensure people know how to do this in the coming days.

  6. Releasing on Harmony as planned will do a few things - it will enable time to pass and give us a chance to see how Harmony will get through this. Additionally, it will give us a clear understanding on whether or not we will still receive grant funding on July 1. Regardless of this, we have begun networking on Polygon MATIC and will add that crosschain functionality after our price feeds and liquidity/price aggregation are finished - so expect AMAs coming from their chain shortly! Additionally, if we do not receive the Harmony grant funds, we will of course apply to Polygon’s grant.

All that said, we hope most of all to build on Harmony and then to expand over time. We have strong connections and support here, and the team feels a sense of family here on chain. We truly hope to see strong leadership from the core team, supplemented by great communication and transparency regarding the bridge hack, the grant situation, and the overall longevity of the Harmony ecosystem.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding, patience, and we’re still looking forward to release JUST LIKE BEFORE!


Hey friend!

Glad to see that our grant is still relevant amidst everything that is happening. Everything that you said is correct, spare one mistake:

‘fake loyalty’

We love the Harmony chain and I am personally spending 14h days mapping out the bridge hack funds as they are dispersed. The team is actively engaging the Harmony community by continuing our daily AMAs with other projects and by participating in various other discussions on chain. We are widely supported here and we have dedicated ourselves as a project and on a personal level to the Harmony chain.

That being said, our communication has been 100% transparent regarding everything that you shared here. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone. If Harmony can afford to grant us as was agreed prior to the bridge hack, we will continue to build here and will abide by the grant expectations (ie: 6 month exclusivity on chain). We want Harmony to continue to be our home. But, if the Harmony ecosystem falters, we plan to be a prepared business. We are the custodians of our users and supporters’ investment in us. We are doing everything that we can to ensure the success of both the Harmony blockchain and our own project.



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Kind of hard to say that this is fake loyalty.


Some updates on the last few weeks!


  • Completed our MTOP Price Oracle Smart Contract, Staking Smart Contract (MTOP/ONE pool producing a stable 15% APY), and our NFT Subscription minting contract (30 day, 90 day, 360 day options)
  • Lots of smaller UI fixes and improvements
  • Began the “last leg” of development which includes the UI for the staking and subscription (minting) pages, profile pictures + duration left on an MPass before prompting re-subscription (re-mint), multi-hop, fixing a small token balance bug, liquidity modules (for easily adding MTOP + ONE LP in-house vs. on Sushiswap), and other small “finishing touches”. Estimated release of minimum viable product on Harmony is August 1 - August 15.
  • Sold 26 pre-sale NFTs, raising another $5,200 for development
  • During the USDC de-peg, we moved all our USDC off Harmony and into a Multi-sig on Polygon on Polygon here

Our 3 week Snapshot vote has ended with 126 unique wallets participating and 1,600,000 $ONE/99.6% voting for “Yes”!

We also understand that since then, a lot has happened on Harmony’s end. That said @dpagan-harmony or @Jacksteroo, is there any timeline on when we could discuss this Grant Proposal? Technically we did overturn the Internal Harmony poll with “shining colors” as shown in the link above


  • Hosted/Played Rocket League Tournament with 30 people participating over several days
  • Hosted/Played Fall Guys tournament, with almost 14 people participating
  • Conducted almost 30 AMAs in the last month, all catalogued in our whitepaper here - with almost 20 still scheduled.
  • Continued to foster an active and engaged community despite the bear/lull in the market

Hello, Mtop community, thank you for the proposal and the strong support via snapshot vote. I am very excited to approve this proposal based on the following success metrics :tada:

Congrats! We look forward to your updates here and please reach out should you need any assistance. Thanks for believing in Harmony :blue_heart:


Congratulations guys, Keep building :rocket:


Nice! Congrats Mtop team!

@giv does this mean grant funding is back on track now?