MtopSwap Funding Proposal for $75,000

Name of Project

MtopSwap – Multi-Swap Aggregator & Software Development

Proposal overview

MtopSwap is a Software Development project and DeFi Platform creating a suite of tools and emphasizing user experience via a focus on clean, simple, and user-friendly interfaces. We will destroy browser tabs and streamline the end-user trading experience by having multiple swaps from all major AMMs on a single, minimalistic page (“multi-swap aggregator”). This will be just one of over ten products and features planned and described in our Whitepaper. Notably, we will also display a price chart for each swap module with 5-minute, 15-minute, 1-hour, 4-hour, and 1-day time frames, so you will never have to leave the page to make that trade.

All of this will be powered by a monetization model that has proven success for decades - renewable subscriptions. After a 7-day free trial period, full access to MtopSwap’s features requires users to mint these Subscription NFTs (MPass) on the website using a dual mint of 50% $MTOP and 50% $1USDC. The amounts will be pegged to ~$30 USD (30 days), $70 USD (90 days), or $250 (360 days). In this way, we will be a utility driven SaaS.

The NFT expires after the chosen time period and users can choose to renew the following month if they found our software useful. This recurring subscription model is extremely unique in the blockchain space, and will incentivize repeat visitors and direct utility for $MTOP with the goal of becoming a self-sustaining organization via the usefulness of our proprietary software.

Note: our initial product is NOT a typical price or liquidity aggregator, this is an innovative multi-swap aggregator. We plan to eventually add a more typical liquidity aggregator as soon as we release our initial mainnet product in early August. Along side this and staking on Harmony ONE exclusively, we will aggregate DEXes from other EVM compatible chains including MATIC, AVAX, FTM, Aurora, BSC, and eventually ETH.

MtopSwap prioritizes user experience (UX) and user security first in everything we do. In order to fight back against the prevalence of honeypots, rug pulls and scammers, we are integrating blacklist wallet detection into our swaps. We have already compiled a comprehensive list of over 250 wallet addresses that are tied to known scams and we will leverage this to warn users before they swap their $ONE. These concepts are revolutionary because they are preventative. We can help stop the problem before it happens by keeping our community educated and by creating useful, user-friendly tools that filter out the majority of scammers that currently run rampant on the blockchain. We realize that scammers evolve, and we will too.

Additionally, we will take a sustainable approach to our liquidity pool offerings (Q2 2022), with MTOP/ ONE yielding a stable 15% return annually in $MTOP. Rather than high APRs that attract mostly one-time buyers, our value is in $MTOP utility & quality of use.

Proposal ask


The project has garnered not only the commitment and trust of our organically-grown community, but also OTC funding of $37,000, which is sufficient to finalize development and to continue our upwards growth trend. More importantly, we are applying for this grant because we would like the opportunity to establish a safe, educational, and utility-driven set of tools on the Harmony blockchain. We would also like to use this as an opportunity to further our community outreach capacity by introducing ourselves to the Harmony team via our tools and our vision for how the blockchain can become a more user-friendly and productive space.

Our team is asking for a $75,000 grant in order to build and maintain the MtopSwap suite of products by bolstering our development team to ensure that our product remains relevant as the Harmony blockchain grows. We will use these funds to accelerate the growth of not only our project, but more so the Harmony ecosystem as a whole. How can we achieve this? By providing the proprietary level of value that MtopSwap represents. With Harmony’s focus moving toward developers on-chain who are sticking around and dedicated to building during difficult times, we hope protocols like MtopSwap are noticed for their ability to provide unique and useful tools for Harmony users.

Current State of Product

  • Whitepaper published
  • Multi-swap aggregator on Mainnet for weeks. Any Harmony Team member may reach out to us and see the Proof of Concept in motion.
  • 3 Smart Contracts - Price Oracle, NFT MPass Mint Contracts, and Staking Contract (stable 15%) on testnet and soon mainnet.
  • $MTOP listed on SushiSwap (371 unique holders; Liquidity: $16K)
  • 5 of 9 Multi-signature Treasury created: 0x85576752dA7CF103EcD297cc873A222DD727B470
  • Discord community: 932 members
  • Twitter community: 886 followers
  • $4,800 in pre-sales in 4 days


As a user–centric team, we are driven to create tools and automations that benefit traders. We’re bringing innovation and necessity to the Harmony community with our ideas and tools. Creating peer-to-peer level education that is incentivized by rewarding trading habits and tools that encourage safe, streamlined blockchain interactions is essential. By implementing features such as multi-swap aggregation with attached price feeds, honeypot detection, wallet blacklisting, and a full portfolio manager including bookmarks and transaction visualization, MtopSwap will forever change the reputation of trading within the Harmony ecosystem.

This approach is fresh, built from scratch, and needed. Many projects simply fork the Sushiswap front-end code, which has 100,000+ lines of code. Our front-end, custom built from scratch, has just a fraction of the amount of code compared to Sushiswap and is heavily optimized for speed and end-user experience. As a result, we designed our swap with user experience, speed, and security in mind.

Given current market conditions, it is of utmost importance to become self-sustaining as soon as possible. We hope to provide a solid economic foundation for protocol growth by utilizing a unique tokenomics model via NFTs as recurring subscriptions.

As we add price feeds, “module layouts” (preset dashboard configurations), and liquidity aggregation/automation, safety features, and importantly crosschain integration, interest will climb dramatically. Our target for October 2022 is 1,000 daily active users, which could generate over $30,000 to the MS Treasury each month while creating significant utility for the $MTOP token, and continue to develop valuable features after mainnet launch.

Metrics for success

  • $10,000 upon the launch of a feature-complete product on the testnet
  • $10,000 upon forming a with 5-out-of-9 multisig
  • $10,000 upon initial product launch on the mainnet with staking
  • $10,000 upon TVL of $100,000
  • $10,000 upon maintaining an average 500 daily active users
  • $10,000 upon forming an LLC and completion of Q3-4 2022 milestones
  • $15,000 upon mainnet completion of Q1 2023 milestones


*HarmonyWon#8073 - Founder & CEO
*sznal#6969 - Systems Engineer
*0xAlexander#2222 - Treasurer
*Paradox#0420 - Community Manager
*Pioneer Emory#9504 - Business Development

External links

MtopSwap Whitepaper:

Snapshot vote (ends July 1)

MtopSwap Discord

MtopSwap Twitter: @MtopDegen

Website (TBA):

dexscreener: /harmony/0x36a7e3028277899f18d595933316510b94acac3a

Tutorial of Proof of Concept with walkthrough:

Commitment to the Harmony Community

We take a user-centric approach to developing software and features that provide immense utility as well as the appeal necessary to bring people together. We believe that providing a utility-driven home for traders to spend their time encourages both education and growth. So far, we have had nothing but a strong community of committed and helpful individuals join our Discord. We hope to assemble a resilient user base that can both benefit from the exceptional capacity of MtopSwap while also giving back to the community through encouraging interactions and the sharing of knowledge. We will continue to build an organic membership that fosters learning and shares the power of our tools with people from all experience levels.

Below is a brief explanation of our first 2 feature releases - multi-swap aggregation and price feeds.


This is Pioneer, and I support this message :smiley:

I’m a member of the team and have been working alongside all of the awesome individuals that have poured their time and vision into this project, and I can’t say enough how much I look forward to using this software. The ability to trade every coin on our blockchain in one interface is a good enough reason to support the Swap, let alone the fact our tools will provide a baselayer of protection from the most common scams out there.

Please come by the discord and get a feel for our community! We’re very close in there and love having a good time and networking with other skilled degens within our community!


This is JonnyMackaronny, and I support this message :smiley:


This is jxsoncenxj, and I support this message :smiley:


This is Alucard, and i support this message :smiley:

In all seriousness, this is for me by far the most promising project on the whole Harmony blockchain, the dedication of the team and the constant work, plus the community who is simply one of the best if not the best, you can come by to discord and judge for yourself.

I have been in crypto for a big while , and never have i witnessed such dedication and hard work from members involved, also the tools that will be provided are unique and extremely needed, this swap aggregator will basically be free Harmony One marketing by how much it is needed in the crypto space.

I feel truly fortunate enough for witnessing the creation of this amazing project from the ground, and hope the Harmony team can see the huge potential and benefits of accroding the grant asap as we all do.


MTop deserves to get this funding to pursue their project. I have been working closely with their core team to make their idea a reality. This team is filled with smart ambitious and hard working individuals. I have full confidence that their hard work will produce an invaluable asset to the Harmony ecosystem.



Mtop isn’t so great? Are you kidding me? When was the last time you saw a dapp being developed at such pace? Won has started this project from his own pocket and deserves this grant more than most of the “projects” on the chain. And…

This is Peter Griffin and I support this message :grinning:


Months of steady work and commitment, while juggling IRL work, finally led to this. It’s been such an awesome journey so far.

Thanks to everyone that believed in us, stayed around and became part of this incredible community.

I really hope Harmony Team takes a careful look at this grant application and chooses to support us. Would mean the world to us.


Been following Mtop for a little while now and gotta say, from what I’ve seen the project is moving at incredible speed and shows some really promising features that I’d love to see reach the Harmony ecosystem. Not only that, but the community is by far one of my favorites on Harmony.

Glad to see you guys advancing to the next step of the project, good luck!


Thank you and just wanted to say that AmityBot is our best friend in the MTOP discord! Your always fun to have around and we are glad to receive your support :smiley:


I can attest that Mtop has created an awesome community, I only recently found out about them and the discord is the best I have been in on Harmony. The team is dedicated to make a great product that will make the life of the Harmony ecosystem users a lot easier. On top of that they love Harmony and are dedicated to see it succeed. They have connections with many other teams within the ecosystem, and as far as I have seen they are very much appreciated.


Deserved 100%. Love the project and the community, super helpfull and really trying to do something that will work perfectly, not just good.
Go Won Go


Not only is the community consistently awesome, being my favorite on Harmony, having been around and at times even worked with HarmonyWon, I can attest to his vision and the work and passion behind this project, not only from him but from the whole team, I hope the Harmony team decides to support this grant as this is the kind of dApp building the ecosystem needs.


I’ve been following this project since the first couple of days of its creation, and its been a blast. HarmonyWon from the start has been very open and transparent with the community about what is going on within the project and what he’s doing to develop it further (seriously, ask him any concerns or questions and he will respond). Him and his team, as well as the community in general is very supportive, and helps the newbies out a lot, safe to say I have learned A LOT in the past few months of just hanging around these people, talking the latest within harmony’s ecosystem.

Hope they get the grant, it will be going to a hardworking well deserving team. Happy to see where the future takes this project :slight_smile:


This is a hidden gem of a project!

I have been fortunate enough to be in a position to witness first- hand, behind-the-scenes look at how the team operates and I was extremely moved by the camaraderie, communication and work ethic combined with Won’s willingness to not only be generous with his time and money but of how transparent he is with everything.

I LOVE the family atmosphere that has been cultivated in the discord. Love the unbiased help you get from each and every member of their community. These guys are building something special and would be an amazing addition to the Harmony Ecosystem.


MTop community is the best on harmony. The swap is a game changer. Good day.


My name is Flu and I support MTOPs Avon/Mary Kay business.

I also support Harmony Protocol having their OWN version of 1inch, but better, as it was developed in-house by the MTOP team.

The problem is, for me, I haven’t been able to see proof of concept yet.

However, I see 0 reason why that shouldn’t be possible before any funding is distributed.

This is very much classified as a “financial primitive” for Harmony Protocol. I look forward to their success!


MTOP - Cream of the Crop!

Hands down the best crypto community I’ve ever encountered. I’m very thankful for all the knowledge I’ve obtained and absorbed since solely joining their discord. Thanks for everything!

This is ya boy DaKingOfPhilly, aka, mPOT, aka…aka(kek) and I approve & support this message :smiley:


There is a POC video posted in the grant and we can certainly provide the appropriate links to try it out for yourself!


MTOP is a super promising project with a fantastic team and supportive community!

100% deserve a grant.