Multi DEX Aggregator

I would like to introduce everyone to a project my team and I have been working on. We call the new token, IKURA.

IKURA is a multi DEX analytics aggregator. This means that the platform indexes multiple dexes to show price action, market caps, volumes, liquidity and transactions across the board in an accessible, fast and simple way.

We believe that this is a huge step for data analysis since DEXes are becoming easier to build and eventually, in the not too distant future, people will not know about the constantly evolving number of these solutions.

We have more features that will be targeted as premium level access which include: price alerts, multi dev trading given a condition (price and etc), token minting, liquidity locking, more advanced blockchain explorer and of course one of our goals is to bridge between other blockchains and funnel them to Harmony.

We already have the service ready. To access it just go to in your browser.

Currently, it does not contain all the DEXes as we are slowly rolling out and introducing new features to create a sense of progression as we go to market.

We are also working on making sure its easy to acquire $ONE via different methods and we support this with explanatory videos and marketing materials. These videos are short, educational and straight to the point explaining exactly what Harmony is, What ikura is and why it’s important for the ONE ecosystem.

We already have multiple community channels including; discord, twitter, telegram, Reddit. We have even been listed on coingecko and assisted them with their sushi integration.

Ikura currently has a marketing team of 20 people who are ready to actively promote Ikura.

Our tokemonics are uniquely structured however the Harmony community is required to support & assist Ikura to achieve our goals.

We are excited about the future of the project and the users we can bring to the harmony blockchain.