ONEPitch Grantees

Hello Grantees!

We firmly believe that it is crucial to share your dreams with others and to ask for help with your dreams. Dreams in isolation will die, so thank you all for sharing yours on stage with us in LA. We are so happy to be a small part of your creative journey.

We have begun the grant funding process today! In the meantime, we would love it if you would share your projects in the comments below so that the rest of the Harmony community can be a part of your journey.

Thank you all for your bravery!

Harmony Events Team

For those creators who couldn’t make it to NFTLA, don’t fret; Harmony will look to do more of these event-specific spot grants in the future.


Thanks Harmony for funding my MetaGOLD, the Empowerment Hub geared towards empowering women in web3 to continue making forward steps towards achieving their own version of success and elevating marginalized communities. MetaGOLD consists of the following:

  1. A spoken word metaverse - the first-of-its’s-kind immersive mindfulness
  2. A spoken word NFT collection unlocking empowerment coaching, tools, and support
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Hello Devin, so this pitch concept works on events basically, if someone wants to pitch through virtual like zoom call or any platform, then harmony will consider this ?

Hi Devin,
JenJoy Roybal from SearchLight here. We were lucky enough to cobble together $3,000k from your esteemed judges! We are so excited to be building our DAO with this funding. You can explore our group here.



Thank you Harmony for the grant!! I’m super excited to share what I create at my next performances on the Mariposa dreams tour :butterfly: I’ll use the $1500 grant to help make my next performance happen in NY during NFTNYC. Read more about here.