Partners: QuickNode


Name of Project


Proposal overview

QuickNode agrees to perform the following:

  • Develop & integrate support for Harmony MainNet and TestNet on QuikNode API, incl.
    Websockets. Harmony will provide up to 10 hours per week of support for node setup and
    troubleshooting (ie. we’ll need to contact someone technical if we have questions/blockers).
  • Manage public endpoints for Harmony, billed on monthly basis at $0.05 per 10k requests.
  • Support a shared Slack room for both parties to communicate & exchange knowledge.
  • As mutually agreed by the parties, offer & support the Harmony product on the platform, and promote Harmony education & development in marketing (guides, tweets, newsletter, case studies) and events (hackathons, workshops) the parties participate in. Hereinafter known as the “Services”.

Proposal ask

$250K + $0.05 per 10k requests

Metrics of Success

The Services provided by QuickNode shall be due on: May 1st 2022. This Agreement may be terminated upon written notice by either the Client or Contractor, via email and 30 days’ advance notice.

External links

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the initial $50k has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

We’re ecstatic to report that QuickNode has released support for Harmony ONE blockchain!

Developers, businesses, and enterprises can now access Harmony MainNet and TestNet, to build high-quality blockchain applications with ease.

QuickNode’s multi-cloud/metal, globally-distributed, multi-chain network powers the biggest names in blockchain & Web3 – and you can get building today for free!

Check out Instant Harmony API access on QuickNode for more details :rocket:


Remainder $200k shall be monthly payments for four months.

Funded 1st month payment $50k: 0x1ebe396842b021a99448390401d200ebf4e324db1239fe63a76172389d0b49a2