Proposal: BullaNetwork Integration

Name of Project / DAO / Company

BullaBanker, BullaDAO and Arkitoken, Inc.

Application type

Product Launch

Proposal overview

Bulla protocol is a collaborative on-chain accounting protocol for modern-day commerce.
The Bulla protocol is:

  1. :white_check_mark: Completely on-chain (no KYC, no fiat ramp).
  2. :white_check_mark: Completely decentralized (no backend, no data-collection).
  3. :white_check_mark: A permissionless way to send, or request any ERC20 token from any wallet.
  4. :white_check_mark: Made to fill the void left by wallet-to-wallet transactions by enhancing book-keeping and record aggregation.

We are working on creating tools that build on top of the Bulla protocol; i,e, v1 of BullaBanker, and future DAO-structure implementations.

We are deployed on 4 chains: Rinkeby, RSK, Celo, and xDai. We are seeking support to grow the Bulla platform on Harmony. We just launched last week and have less than 10 users. We believe the Bulla protocol fulfills a huge need in the DeFi space, and our bankless, permissionless ecosystem allows for users to manage ERC20-based claims simply, and effectively.


  • :golf: Milestone 1: Deploy on Harmony testnet and receive beta-test feedback.
    • :golf: Milestone 1.1: Deploy ERC721 claim upgrade.
    • :golf: Milestone 1.2: UI Upgrades: Allow users to add wallet addresses as contacts, duplicate claims, expand erc20 token list.
  • :golf: Milestone 2: Deploy to Harmony mainnet.
    • :golf: Milestone 2.1: Work with Aragon, DaoHaus, or another DAO-platform to integrate Bulla claims as a DAO management tool.
  • :golf: Milestone 3: Potentially form a DAO on Harmony to guide future development and vote on platform fees.
  • :golf: Milestone 4: Reach 10k Bulla Claims on multiple Bulla platforms.

We could require some minimal technical support deploying. We mostly need solid feedback from beta-testers.
Gaps on the team are sales/marketing/socials.:raising_hand_man:t4:

Proposal ask

50k in total funding for the growth of Bulla protocols feature-set and adoption.

Metrics for success

Harmony Deploy > 500 Users

External links

Demo: WyoHackathon BullaBanker Demo - YouTube


@colinnielsen Thanks for submitting this proposal! We are very impressed with this on-chain solution

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and $20K for after 10K users.

Congrats! Approved for $50K under the Launches category. We look forward to the project achieving its first milestone (and funding) of launch on Harmony TestNet!

Thanks Jack! We look forward to getting some sweet stuff built on Harmony.

Update Oct 28th 2021

:golf: Milestone 1 and 1.1 reached! :tada:
BullaBanker beta is now available Harmony testnet here → BullaBanker.
We have refactored our smart contracts and each claim you make is an ERC721 token that belongs to the creditor :eyes:.
We look forward to seeing how this idea of “tokenized debt” will grow the DeFi ecosystem.
Any user feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Update Oct 29h 2021

:golf: Milestone 2 reached! :tada:
BullaBanker beta is available on Harmony Mainnet → BullaBanker.
We have launched with HRC20 compatibility for wONE, 1BTC, and 1ETH. Please let us know if there are any additional tokens you’d like to use!

We also want to add to our roadmap to have a deeper harmony integration to support ONE addresses in our UI. Please post any feedback below!

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first milestone of $10K has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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second milestone for launching on mainnet, $10K has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

Hi there. A long time ago since not published info regarding the project.
How is it going? Would you please share more info about the steps/dev are you?

Thank you
:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart: