Reduce slippage trading Harmony One on Ethereum mainnet

Name of Project

Uniswap v3 capital efficient liquidity for Harmony One on Ethereum Mainnet

Proposal overview

Today I noticed that low five figure trades had slippage in excess of 6% on the Ethereum mainnet sushiswap liquidity pool, which reduces the utility of the One token on Ethereum. I additionally noticed an MEV bot extracting thousands a day arbitraging that high slippage pool cross chain, effectively extracting One equity to miners. A concentrated Uniswap v3 liquidity pool with lower slippage will help to plug this leak, and improve One UX on Ethereum Mainnet.

Proposal ask

$10k for gas and risk for initial pool

Metrics for success

A uniswap V3 pool will be deployed for Harmony One bridged tokens on eth mainnet.

External links

Pool creation transaction

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Approved as per Adrian and Li! Cheers!

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