Reimbursement Proposal [Horizon Incident]

So absolutely no plan to repeg the stablecoins? And a burn may be necessary for this idea to work as well to get numbers back to 13 billion total circulation?

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This project has already failed. It failed the moment you idiots started trying to be cool…Wow how’s all that wasted bored apes money doing you guys?? All the “Work” parties and conventions…
Your incompetence has led to people being stolen from…so like the true leaders you all are you decide to essentially steal from the rest of us to cover the huge glaring problem…you don’t know how to run a company, or advertise (by means that actually work), or draw in new investors, or actually hit a deadline on time…not once have you guys been on time for a deadline. Investors should have seen this coming. The signs were everywhere people all over social media outlets saying it…no one wanting to believe it…Good Tech, horrendous leadership, and direction. :man_shrugging:t2:

This coin will die. The OGs that are left have no trust left at all and just waiting for that next pop to run far far away and why would new investors choose Harmony?

Option #3

Update leadership (remove Li/Stephen from organization altogether). Allow new leadership to put forth new proposals.

Even include a little snippet that says this proposal assumes “no reimbursement” to give the new leadership time to figure something else out. I am positive that new leadership will want to help make the community whole even if they are not legally obligated to.

You can have your ‘legal CYA’ and we can rebuild our community with new leadership.

Put the ego of two individuals aside and let us thrive.

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There’s not even any good tech. Everything they do other teams do better.

They have wasted years writing a consensus system that doesn’t work.

The RPC has been broken for 2 years.

The shards 1-3 don’t actually do anything and can be considered a larp.

There is not one thing that sets this chain apart except for how bug-ridden it is.

I think folks should have done more research before getting in such a risky position with their capital. I don’t think they should be reimbursed at all. Folks should fix the technical issues with the blockchain and start fresh and actually have a reason for the blockchain to exist. if the blockchain works like it is supposed to folks will want to build on it. Just seems like we would be bailing out whales who did not take the time to understand what they were doing. And seems like this is a huge expense that doesn’t resolve any of the issues with the blockchain itself.

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Spot the guy who lost nothing in the bridge hack lol


if i was a token holder i would rather that any inflation of supply went towards making the blockchain into what it was meant to be. If i just get more tokens for a blockchain that isn’t sound i have gained nothing.

I don’t disagree with token holders wanting to be reimbursed, i wouldn’t vote against it if there was consensus for it. But no matter what the solution spending some effort making the tech sound i think is worth while and should be the highest priority and best for the long term. easier said than done and i don’t know that i could do it any better than the folks trying to figure out things now. Just trying to provide a useful comment that suggests putting some effort into making the tech trustworthy. As that is what the value of the token itself depends on. Regardless of the supply.

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This ain’t it chief.


HIPs require a 2-week discussion period.

Why are @stse and @lij demanding voting start in less than 6 full days?


No way I/we will be agreeing to this. Stop feeding your self-interest Tse & Li already


The team told us several times over the last month that they would be proposing multiple strategies to the community for feedback. This is just one proposal dressed as two with a footnote telling us “take it or leave it”, and it’s quite possibly the worst plan they could have thought of.

Reimbursement is inferior to a re-peg because it’s money spent that accomplishes little to nothing in restoring the Harmony ecosystem to its state before the hack. For those who were affected (myself included) it’s better than nothing, to be sure, but not if it’s done at the cost of massively inflating the supply of ONE. The team state they’re unwilling to dip into the treasury because it’s reserved for ensuring the future of the Harmony chain, but its future is already at stake here and now, because no one will want to invest or build on a chain if its leadership is more willing to throw the entire community under the bus than own up to their own failures.

That this idea was even put on the table just shows how out of touch the Harmony leadership is with the community they supposedly value. Either that, or it was deliberately designed to be rejected so they can then put the hack behind them and pretend like it never happened.


No, WTF are you thinking. This is the best you can come up with. If this goes through, I will cash out and invest in a company that can think outside the box on a solutions that doesn’t hurt investors in the future.


There won’t be any new investors in the future. Why would anyone buy a coin that’s hyper-inflating like crazy? The only ones Tse is hurting is existing investors who have no choice but to watch their funds diluted by negligent project leadership.


No I somewhat agree with you, it was just the “folks should’ve done more research before getting into a risky position with their capital” that got me hahaha.

Yes but should the father who beat their child for 99% of its life force be allowed to keep the baby? Should that father not see that they are unfit to further raise the child?

This is terrible, 2 options and both make it the communities problem. Your multi sig got hacked not mine, fuck. I haven’t even used your bridge and simply a staker, and yet my holdings need to suffer again through your incompetence. Jokers doing as they please.

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And you guys are supposed to be creative? This is the most basic, simplistic plan; mint more tokens and dilute the value. This is your shit sandwich so you take the bite.

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They begged people to use their “super secure bridge” then lost that money.

It’s negligence, if not fraud, if not an inside job.


Quite literally begged!! Then get hacked SOMEHOW and like oh no worries we will put it on the communities backs…they got you covered.

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Obviously 10% inflation per year x 3 wouldn’t kill us and the 2.3 million a month wouldn’t even be noticed even if sold into the bid every month. ITS the fact they didn’t even offer some of the foundations money…i hope they make that money work. :X