Reimbursement Proposal [Horizon Incident]

Hello, everyone. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I have read all of your messages, top to bottom, and met with the team to discuss. Your concerns are understood and we are returning to the drawing board. From your suggestions and feedback above, we will create additional proposals and opportunities for everyone to engage in the process.

I’d ask you to stand by as I work with the team over the coming days. We will return with new information for everyone here to review. Thank you once more. I sincerely feel your frustration over the current proposal. Our next steps will hopefully bring more options and clarity for the community to discuss.


This proposal smells pessimism; essentially relies on $ONE price going down or sideways over the NEXT 3 YEARS. It’s not like people are gonna get their money today, why fix the amount of tokens to be given over 3 years.

OR of course this was an empty plan to go with no reimbursement and cover their backs by saying ‘our proposal was rejected by validators’


Thank you for speaking to the community and PLEASE work with us to save the chain. We don’t want Harmony to fail and we are here to support the community and the interests of the $ONEs that keep this family strong and growing. Right now we need communication and diverse leadership.


We need transparency , we need details ! We need accountability . We need to see a United team that give us hope of the future .

Not a sinking ship breaking apart with its captain standing up tall and mighty


I’m glad you’re taking the time to read through all the comments. This is your community and we have felt neglected by the actions shown recently. I hope this is a humbling moment for you and @lij. Harmony community deserves better. I look forward to seeing you working with your team and allowing them to bring up ideas to help and sustain our amazing chain. Many community members have also set up and are waiting to help.

Venture capital companies are out there and could help as well.


i hope you came across one of the posts mentioning this: i’m not sure who wrote it but personally this is more long therm. Also for the chain to survive there needs to be trust, vision and a culture that facilitates this.


Thank you for the update. Please work with the community!


Thanks for taking time to read the messages. Wish you will come up with an innovative idea.

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Thanks for communicating with us. Looking forward to other solutions. Also Looking forward to a Twitter spaces or an AMA in discord in the coming weeks with some core team members.

Suggestions = show completed roadmap accomplishments YTD and also roadmap goals, Current and long-term

More Suggestions = praise the community :pray: that you’ve build and show some appreciation to validators, projects building on ONE and long-term :blue_heart: delegators, daos working for free.


It’s such a relief to hear this.
We can do better :+1:


Simply go with the plan that
Giv Daniel jack and rongjian has consensus

I am sorry , plan that come from @stse @lij are not very well favorable at this moment.

Proof your leadership and get the team together instead of dividing them .


Thank you for writing down your feelings…

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Welcome to our little community. Our leadership has been MIA for months now so don’t be surprised if nobody responds to your post.

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First, why don’t you allow the community to submit its proposal(s)?

Second, combine the community’s proposal(s) with your proposal(s) then present them to the Harmony $ONE community at-large for voting?

Most voted proposal will be implemented accordingly.

Thank you.


Thanks for your answer. first step to open communication ! More transparency and communication please :pray: we are all in this

Thank you for the acknowledgment. Please do not give us false hope. The longer you draw this out, the more damaged the chain because due to more and more projects leaving.

The community has put forth many proposals. Let us vote on community proposals.

No hard fork, no more token creation. I am holding my $ONE token from the first day of listing in Binance. I am long team holder and i don’t want to dilute my stake.


Your baby has grown up @stse, it’s time to start letting go and start listening to your team.


My opinion here, is please read again those ideas the community has, we can vote on each of them and see what the community likes best, this is not a One man show, and you should understand this, I appriciate your time and effort you made in this project, but from what i read in the reddit and other places it seems the team does not agree with you on how we need to handle it and your view should not be the only one that counts.

Your next expected post should be giving us detail information about the treasury and how much money we got, and how you actually spent the money in the last years. I do not agree to spend money care lessly on apes and parties, this is a small coin and you guys needs to understand that when there is a bull market it is not a reason to party and spend the treasury funds, or at least i assume, I don’t know because no one shares with us what is going on. You can learn from Viperswap they give details on how much moeny they have, and how they deal with the luna and current situation and how it effected their treasury, i expect something similar to give us investors the information we need so we can all together decide how to move forward.


Minting more is the same as fractionalized banking. This is exactly what crypto was initially designed to stop.

I say fix security. Pay back what is owed because of the security flaws on the chain.

Apologize and just fix it. Own it like a man. And you will succeed.