The Pokémon Incentive

Im proposing an idea that I feel will promote decentralization of our validators through a rewards increase if a delegator can “collect them all”

So if a delegator manages to delegate a predefined amount to every elected validator. I propose an increase in rewards or something on that level.

Let me know what you think.
I call it the Pokémon Rewards Incentive

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It’s an interesting idea, but I think it’s to some degree harmful to the network:

  1. In my understanding, the system should encourage users to delegate to a few validators they trust in, rather than to all validators equally. You lose the overview to whom you are staking and underperforming validators do not get ‘punished’.

  2. It’s emphasizing the rich get richer, as you need a minimum of 80,000 (after the reduction to min 100 One staked) one to meet the criteria and then you collect rewards the regular staker will miss. Furthermore, it disencourages smaller stakers to rather do DEFI, creating a more homogenous and vulnerable PoS.

  3. (Sidenote) Pokmeon is a registered trademark, so you can use that privately but it cannot be used by the the company. Also It makes the title somewhat misleading, I thought the thread was about NFTs :smiley:


Maybe we can use the slogan “stake them all”

Delegate to all undelegated validators and the rewards would be exponentially rewarding :wink:

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