USDS? Is this legit?

Has anyone heard of any news of this new ONE native stable coin.
USDS Stablecoin by Stably Launches on Harmony | Markets Insider (

Yes it is legit. Feel free to check the twitter:

Its a KYC platform where 1 usds is always backed with 1 dollar. They have monthly audits on their liquidity


Yup! They are the real deal and are a major step in the process of recovering DeFi on Harmony!

Yeah this could drive things bullish again I hope tranq gets this on their protocol asap and opens up lending and borrowing on it.

Please do not publish any information here where can it be traded!

What do you mean? Is there an issue with this post ?

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Please explain how to swap any Harmony asset to USDS?

I believe there is liquidity on Sushi and a smaller amount of Fuzz.