V.I. Cloud Storage

I’d like to propose H1 to take a pain point and turn it into profit. With vertically integrated cloud storage we could become more self sustainable and generate a return.

Why - because the bill/debt of paying for cloud storage will never go away. Web3 cloud is also decentralized, sharded, encrypted and affordable.

How - we can fork Filecoin. Create data center business partnerships to onboard memory. Then use our current Validators and Dapps as our initial customer base.

Not only would this generate income on a protocol level, it would also create solid consistent buy pressure for $ONE. As well as lowering overhead for Val/Devs building on the network.


This is a win win if the nitty gritty is worked out and stability ensured.

Leveraging on any solution that can offset operational and capital overhead is the way to go for long term sustainability (if the trade off is well researched and implementable without affecting current users).

Definitely deserves a deep think and discussion by the core team and experts in the community.