V4.3.2 release update

Hello Everyone,

I’ll be starting some of the network announcement in here.

v4.3.2 is coming this week and we’ll be performing the upgrade of the network at the same time.
Tomorrow (Tuesday 11 Jan) during the Asia day time, Shard 2 and 3 will be upgraded, the next day if no issue shard 0 and 1 will follow.

Here is the draft release

Sync-status and sync speed improvement related PRs:
#3976 - additional fix for node-sync status
#3973 - release one rlock and change default value at getMaxPeerHeight
#3971 - Rate-limits on multiples RPC : PendingTransactions, Call, and GetDelegationsByValidator
#3975 - Added metrics for dns server for sync service
#3974 - extend the expiration for sync status cache for non-validator nodes
#3970 - remove two unnecessary use of global mutex in StateSync
#3927 #3968 - Rate-limits on multiples RPC : StakingNetworkInfo, SuperCommittees, CurrentUtilityMetrics
#3918 - refactor and make sync status check interval smaller

Other updates :
#3947 - replace go-ethereum/ethereum/rpc with harmony-one/harmony/eth/rpc 
#3939 - Add revert mechanism for UpdateValidatorWrapper - this will be used in future PR to enable staking transaction with metamask
#3949 - fix DecodeSigBitmap
#3958 - Do not process txns if node is out of sync to help with a faster sync
#3953 - fix block decode bug resulting to node panicking, issue #3955
#3951 - new RPC : GetHeaderByNumberRLPHex and GetProof

Let me know if there are any questions


Thank you @sophoah! I Appreciate everything you do :blue_heart:


S3 and S2 nodes are all updated to v7236-v4.3.2-0-g4615505d, please let me know if any issues


This is great news! Thank you for the update and thank you all for all that you do! :blue_heart:

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S1 and S0 internal nodes are all running v4.3.2 base code now, in 24h if no major issue, I’ll promote v4.3.2 to latest version and everyone should be free to use the new version for their validator


Awesome news… Great to hear :slight_smile:


for those who wanna download the binary before it is promoted to latest, it is available here : https://github.com/harmony-one/harmony/releases/download/v4.3.2/harmony

else as usual the latest binary is available at https://harmony.one/binary


RPC/POKT node runners – please use https://s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/pub.harmony.one/release/linux-x86_64/v7238-v4.3.2-2-g7a0c283b/static/harmony instead