Validator DAO Term 1 Compensation

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I remember both, and sadly still use IE for accessing citrix servers at work.


Still better than the AOL all in one program…

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Never touched AOL. Too gimicky for me.


Can we please get some closure on this issue? Being a validator, I am familiar with the work the governors of this term put in and I believe letting this issue fester and remain unsettled is a black eye on the protocol. Validators are the backbone of harmony. I know JCR to be an honest, hardworking individual and I hate seeing him and the rest of vdao1 left out to dry with no explanation. With all of the grants being handed out so quickly to outside projects, it’s time to do what’s right and take care of our own.


I would not hold your breath…

It’s been 6 months since we were elected and Harmony are still ‘working on it’

I have given up asking as it is like talking to a brick wall.

By comparison, I have been paid 2 x in VDAO2 in 6 weeks since election and we were funded immediately without issue like everyone else.


That’s unfortunate. I was hoping the issue would eventually resolve itself, but when it became clear nothing was happening, I at least wanted to chime in and voice my support for the work you all accomplished. We, the validating community, recognize the hard work you all put in and have your back. If I had ~$50k at my disposal, I would reward you all for your effort.


Thanks, I am certain everyone involved in VDAO1 appreciates that.

We all worked hard and achieved a lot of good things and I am proud of the work we did.


I loved the work and was very proud of what we accomplished. Having said that I was ready to walk away from Harmony altogether the days following the election. Total frustration and burnout. Hense why I won’t be DAOing again. This was a huge lesson for me on allocation of time and resources in the crypto space to any one organization.


Thank you for your hard work and I hope there would be a resolution to this in the near future.


We had a great team and got a lot of work done that’s used all over harmony.

We learned how to roll with the 5 D’s of DAOs: Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.

Targets changed non stop and we rolled with every punch to be all inclusive of the non-stop changes along the way.

Hopefully some day they can make this right but it’s been almost a month long minute :rofl:


for me vdao1 was like a marines battalion landing to the shore and assaulting new lands

we were nowhere with DAOs that time - only brilliant idea of the DAO way and a group of early supporters like me, @Maffaz,, @easynode, @Wenneson and @StrongMindsHold also dudes from cdao1 who also made that DOA happened

we were pioneers and even if there were no perfect supplement and logistics we were keep doing our duties on mandates → we set basics for the next vdaos and seeded a great mindset that DAO is the only possible way to interact among a variety of validators on the network

thank to everyone who has recognized what we’ve done!


This really needs to be put to bed. I believe the requested information has been provided and these original governors need to be compensated. We are still very early in DAO operations and it’s a very fluid landscape; it was uncharted waters during the initial VDAO and CDAO council terms. These original governors had to pivot many times as things changed daily (not throwing shade anywhere) as everyone was/is figuring how to “DAO”. I am asking Harmony to pay these initial council members for the work they did during the early DAO days. It’s the right and “harmonious” thing to do.


I agree on with you on this. It’s been going on for far too long. These guys did ground breaking work and due to how it was handled, most of them don’t want to be apart of the DAO anymore. It’s a huge shame and should not have happened. I wish them good luck on their future endeavors and would love to see them come back. Hopefully This can be resolved before Christmas. They each had families relying on these funds and it’s not fair to them.


1 min == 1 month.

6 months of ignoring questions regarding funding…

Harmony should be proud. This is quite an achievement and it has stopped VDAO1 bothering to ask anymore.

Actions speak louder than words and Harmonys actions clearly state ‘We are not funding VDAO1 and will not engage with them whatsoever’.

Only question I can ask now is - Why not?


This is long overdue.

An apology, and a message, is what we have to offer the 1st term governors of the Validator DAO.

Those first few months were uncharted waters and the governors navigated them gracefully and diligently.

VDAO1 has been approved for retroactive payment of hours worked.

The funds will be sent the the Validator DAO multisig wallet and will be disbursed by the current governors from there. A snapshot vote will need to take place, with a minimum quorum of 20 people needed in order for the vote pass.

Once again, deepest apologies and congratulations. And, please know it is the duty of the DAO Ops to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Looking forward to working with you all in the future.

@giv @sam


Thanks for the hard work @frwrdslosh but this is simply unacceptable.

Harmony clearly set the pay rates and should have been paying Monthly starting at the end of June 2021 (or at least, sent the funds to our Multi-Sig as promised by June 11th, 2021 in the Medium article declaring us funded by @Sam ).

There’s no justification to have a vote on this topic or send the funds to VDAO3 or 4 by the time a vote happens. The foundation is capable of sending our pay with interest added on it directly to each member.

Interest obviously being the APY for staking that we’ve missed out on by not being paid in the agreed upon timely fashion.


thanks slosh for all the hardwork but here very understandable point of easynode. i support vdao1 & @easynode


If this requires a proposal, it will fall under the charter section 3b. Given this is already a talk thread that has lasted more than the required 7 days, this can already be put to a snapshot vote. I propose using the one amounts outlined in the 3 spreadsheets that were based on the one value at the time vdao1 was conducting business.


I don’t see any blockers to pass this through voting in accordance with the Charter sections, but:

  • I don’t feel like the any of current Valisdator DAO should take over funds via their multisig. We have our own and can maintain that ourselves;
  • Another point - we have submitted our time-sheets and the amount of tokens (based on weighted average price) must be used for the compensation;
  • add to voting the lost interest mentioned by @easynode