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Welcome to our community forum! We started this forum not just for Harmony but for people all around the world who share in our passion for building the future of open consensus and decentralized applications.

To start, please introduce yourself - tell everyone something so memorable that they will instantly remember you! Then complete our community survey so we know how best to engage with you, whether it is development or operating nodes on the network.

Who is Harmony

Harmony’s team of senior engineers from Google, Apple, and Amazon, are building a high performance blockchain protocol to power the next generation of decentralized applications. We’re leveraging our expertise in deploying large scale systems to build a sharded blockchain, optimized over all layers of the technology stack, from consensus mechanisms to systems and networking. The result? A high-throughput, low-latency and low-fee consensus platform that will unleash the full potential of the emerging decentralized economy.

Help Us Scale Consensus

This a space for constructive conversation about Harmony and the entire decentralization ecosystem. We’ve thought deeply about topics ranging from consensus mechanisms to randomness generation and fountain coding schemes for block propagation. Now is our chance to share these ideas with you, our community, so that you can learn what we’ve been thinking and so that we can learn from you.

Share Your Ideas and Energy

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