Your Opinion Matters: testnet reset

Hi, dApp developers,

As you know that we have launched and persisted our current testnet since 05/29/2020. It’s been over a year and we hadn’t reset the testnet db since then. We understood that there are many developers who had deployed test smart contracts to the testnet.

Testnet was setup to serve the purpose of testing upcoming changes to the mainnet. It may not always be stable or online. It may have caused some trouble for your development.

We have planned to reset the testnet from its genesis block and shrink the nodes. So that we can keep it a bit smaller and easier for us to maintain. This means your existing deployed smart contract will be wiped off and you may have to redeploy those smart contracts and adjust your dApp on testnet accordingly.

Let me know your thought and any feedback is appreciated.


The first testnet block after genesis.

Hi @leo ,

That’s would be great.
It disapointed me sometime due to the request timeout issue and the fact I even cannot deploy a simple smart contract on the 2 seconds block finality on Harmony :).
Can’t wait for a fresh testnet!