zkPhoto: Private Authentic Photo Sharing

Congrats from me as well. Well deserved!

Congrats - I (as a zkDao governor) also confirm that milestone 2 had indeed been reached.

Congrats on successfully meeting the second milestone.

As a zkDAO governor, I confirm that milestone 2 has been reached.

5 zkDao governors confirmed that milestone 2 has been reached :slight_smile:

may i nominate this project for a Technical Innovation award. the reason is that the circuit involved here was custom built. if 4 or more other governors agree, then the requirements for achieving milestones 4 and 5 will be adjusted accordingly - Introducing Tehnical Innovation Grants

I support this nomination for a Technical Innovation award as a zkDao Governor!

I also support the nomination for a Technical Innovation award as a zkDAO Governor!

I support this nomination as a zkDAO governor

I support the nomination for a Technical Innovation award as a zkDAO Governor

Thanks the governors for the Technical Innovation award. According to the award description, a subsidy up to $5k can be applied for auditing projects under this award.

I have obtained an official quotation from Verichains and would like to apply for a subsidy of $3,600 to be sent to 0x62763A0D45Eb16EFe2B9f2f30743BE0e6ec3A207 . I will then bridge and transfer the fund to Verichains’ account on BSC and post the transaction hash here.


yes i approve (as a govenor)

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Yes I approved this auditing too, as a zkDao governor

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Also approve auditing, as a zkDAO governor.

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Approved as governor

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I also approve the auditing as a zkDAO governor.

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I approve as a governor of zkDAO

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Thanks to all governors for approving. The audit fee has been transferred to Verichains: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan


Happy to announce that zkPhoto has just passed auditing: Checking your browser...

A trusted setup ceremony will be carried out soon and after that the project will be launched on mainnet.


This is great news. Congratulations :slight_smile: