200 Million ONE Staking Initiative from Harmony Foundation

FishFight.one|TrustlessTeam Validator is happy to join this great initiative! Looking forward to the day we can report that we’re no longer eligible for the program because we have too much staked :wink:

Find our validator here:


Our game here:

Our DevTeam page here:


The primary focus of the 200M will be saving/securing existing validators who have either gone unelected or in danger of unelection. The Google opt-in form option will be closing Thursday 8pm PST. Us representatives will then complete a sheet to hand over to the team. We’re aiming for the delegations to start flowing early next week.


Thank you for participating everyone!

The form is now open again to opt in for next quarter if you missed this round.
The questions are:

  1. Validator name*
  2. ONE Address*
  3. email address
  4. Twitter handle
  5. Discord username*
  6. Telegram username
  7. Best way to contact*
  8. Validator Pledge: Harmony’s Effective Proof-of-Stake Validators are the backbones of the Harmony infrastructure. I/We shall pledge to constantly run an up-to-date validator, promote a decentralized validator community, and use best practices of running a validator service. I/We have read the terms and concepts in detail and fully understood its purpose, possess the know-how of running this service, and know the risk-rewards to run this service. I/We fully understand Harmony’s Definitive Guide to Harmony Open Staking*
  9. Are you on the Harmony Discord server for announcements*
  10. Do you agree to be active and available to respond to communications in talk.harmony on relevant validator threads, and participate in governance when made secure*
  11. Do you agree to keeping your commission no more than 5%*
  12. Do you agree to practice proper blskey management? (Stay out of upper/lower bounds to the best of your ability)*
  13. Do you agree to keep your uptime above 66% to the best of your ability*

Here’s all the delegations made. We now have 160 elected validators!


Transition From Staking Initiative to Community-Led Growth

Gratitude to Our Delegates

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our current 52 delegates, and many others, who have contributed immensely to our network over the past year. Your dedication throughout the Staking Initiative has been invaluable. The Foundation will remove all delegations and the Staking Initiative will conclude on October 21, 2023.

Community-Led Development

We’re opening up new avenues for community involvement. Whether it’s tool development or Harmony Improvement Proposals (HIPs), your contributions are not just welcomed—they’re essential. Submit git requests, mockups, and examples for any protocol or ecosystem changes, and our core team will take it from there. All validators are also invited to propose new HIPs, with the core team offering feasibility guidance.

Governance and Engagement

Our commitment to a thriving Harmony ecosystem remains as strong as ever. We aim to foster an environment where every voice counts and every contribution brings us one step closer to a decentralized, secure, and scalable network. Removing the Foundation delegation strengthens the decentralization of the network.

Join Our Next Chapter

As we continue this journey, exciting developments like the forthcoming lending platform from Protofire promise to make Harmony an even more vibrant and diverse ecosystem. Together, we will achieve new milestones and strengthen the Harmony network for everyone involved.


Perhaps, the staff could set in motion some Hips proposals like this first Limiting validators with x+ keys to bid within or below lower bounds , before removing the delegations. Otherwise they’re just gonna wipe a large sum of validators that won’t be able to grow by themselves just due to the fact that they keys would be taken by another big validators. This 6 days warning is a very short time for a big change like this. I’m pretty sure it should be addressed by the community first. Its a one way decision that affect many validators that were giving to the ecossystem for a long time. Can’t stress enough for example that the last VDAO were acting for over a semester, without paying and still wasn’t paid yet. So, if you guys just want to act all by yourselves, without taking community in consideration, specially validators that gave so much for the network, must be ready to face the consequences of those actions as well. Support is earned, not enforced.


What are the details of the Validator Fellows program that is to be created per the HIP30v2 discussions? @theo1


Sorry to all the Validators that have worked hard to gain delegates and teach about staking that may fall unelected in the near future. This definitely hits me by surprise, I would’ve never supported HIP-30 had I known.

Just a reminder when the rewards are claimed that the community is supposed to decide what happens to them


Why has Harmony delegated 5.5 million one to this validator with 100% commission??? What value are they bringing? You’re basically giving them ONE for nothing. Meanwhile the VDAO that Harmony started still hasn’t been paid or shown any respect from Harmony. Harmony can’t even follow the charter that was voted on. Guess you make your own rules as you go.


Harmony has a huge gap growing between community and core foundation developers. What the community dreams of is growth, yet Harmony remains widely unknown and the point where the chain dies is not far away. As pitiful as it is the harmony protocol laks introduction. Who is using Harmony and for what ? Any one exited about building something on the Harmony chain must face lack of usage because the core foundation never did an effort towards the wider public. I am talking about essential knowledge,like which wallets are good and safe, what is the purpose of Harmony, what are the capabilities of Harmony…Basicaly things that stand out are all missing from the web site,social media, youtube ect… There are 4 shards working like magic, why not reaching to potential partners in the gaming sphere with ready products and offer them integration partnership towards inovative approach to achieve One Meta Universe. Creating velocity-onchain transactions is essential. In game NFT gear markets, even on centralized server should be something investigated as a start. One universal lottary system is something else to consider. Bottom line is to look and reach out to all other blockchains even to those out of the blockchain space and offer them partnership towards unity, forge a strategy and let the world know about it !!!


Great point PLH, this has been a problem for over a year. Noone from Harmony was enforcing or monitoring at all since they let Tim and everyone else go without warning.

Are these funds being put into the fellowship program?
Who’s running the fellowship?
Are there any rules to qualify?
What are the rules once accepted and backed?
What is the budget for the fellowship?


Why would the “lead” research and developer block me on X @Casey ? You don’t like hearing other people’s opinions? I certainly wasn’t rude. Was it for calling you out on not showing up to the AMA when you said you would? My apologies if the truth hurts.
You made the VDAO look bad by not showing up, then you had the audacity to tell everyone that you never said you’d be there.

Should anyone be able to write HIP’s, yes I agree with you. The VDAO charter doesn’t say that though. There is a process that needs to be followed for HIPs.
The VDAO has been treated like crap by the team in the past so there’s not a lot of motivation for anything to get done. I’m officially done with doing anything for the VDAO since only big Validators will be left.
I’m not sure how harmony would be able to replace it with volunteers, not too many people work for nothing. Time is valuable, I’ve given too much.

You’re welcome for getting over a thousand people to click on the link to your proposal @Casey


Whats its the point to make proposals? Only the ones aligned with the core team interest come up to become voted. We have plenty of problems for over 2 years, when the network was more vibrant and thrilling with life. We have proposed a lot of changes. None was taken to appreciation. Suddenly, a cost reduction HIP come in the front of all others. And all in name of decentralization…its a joke really. The sad part is that a bunch of good guys that spent their free time, that could be doing something else with their beloved ones, or other things at all, just to give their support, into something that they had believed. Were going just to be thrown away like thrash, becouse someone though that it would a good idea. Without consulting the vast majority that keep the network alive, the community.

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I have been saying before and will repeat. The solution to the recovery is more transactions on the chain, but it seems to me that there is no effort in that direction.


So, is the plan now to undelegate the funds and redelegate them to active validators?

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@HarmonyTeam @sophoah @theo1 @lij @stse can we please get some more clarity on this?

@easynode also asked some really important questions 200 Million ONE Staking Initiative from Harmony Foundation - #16 by easynode that we’d like answered.

Thank you


The Validator Fellows initiative will not be put in place.

We are allocating the funds to boost chain activity, as @kobov9000 alluded to, towards a Compound Fork as well as AI developments.

For @cryptotech and @peaceloveharmony’s questions regarding VDAO and HIPs, we are currently working on updating governance, reflected in the most recent HIP-31 that references previous HIPs 15 and 21 in order to improve governance. We have also opened HIPs to all validators to provide a more inclusive approach to proposals.


So, we can consider that the previous terms payment that were left hanging , will be finally concluded? Well, you guys now have 200 million motives to pay :wink:

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Why did you lead us to believe there would be help for smaller active validators still? Who exactly decided not to help anymore and why? In the name of decentralization doesn’t make any sense at all, so what is it? I was told that there would be extra help on top of the staking initiative from StakeDAO. HIP-30v2: Change to 2 shards & Split 25% emission for recovery - #30 by theo1

I don’t even have any foundation stake but I was complicit in leading validators to believe there would be help when the median stake get raised from hip-30v2 because that’s what was said.
Now that the hip passed to take it back is quite the slap in the face. I thought the team was getting past this and trying to be more transparent. Boy was I wrong.


To top that off, they covered the ‘changes’ that they were going to make in this post:

There’s no mention of dropping or changing the fellowship there. How was the fellowship dropped between these posts and the snapshot post that @nickv posted on behalf of the team?