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Network Governance

Harmony is releasing an off chain governance app, which is ported over from the popular snapshot.page app on Ethereum. This is our first step into decentralised governance that will enable all Harmony participants to take ownership and decision in the network. It is also a learning process for the community and the team on the final decentralization destination. We are still working on the full on-chain governance application and model.

As a first step, we are releasing a Network governance section, which specifically includes validators governance over the network, upgrades and adjustments.

Current specifications of the Network governance are:

  • Proposal can be created only by an elected validator
  • Proposal can be voted on by unelected validators as well as elected
  • Proposal has 1 week pending period before voting starts
  • Proposal is open for 14 days for voting
  • We use 66% of total network stake (elected and non elected) as successful criteria to pass
  • We use validator’s staked token amount as its voting power which is finalised on the block the proposal closes


This sub forum is used to create and discuss proposals before they go live on the Network governance app.

Any suggestions or changes to the actual governing model we set, should be made the same as any other network proposal, and be voted upon.

To create a discussion or suggestion here in the forum, please use the following format:

  • Summary: one short paragraph to describe the proposal
  • Background: background information of the proposal
  • Motivation: why this proposal is needed and important
  • Specification: specific action or changes proposed in the proposal
  • Suggested voting options: suggested voting options
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