Any way to recover?

Is there anyway to recover a transaction? Im sure there isnt, but if there is… is there anyone i can contact?

shows my mess up pretty clearly. I lost my seed phrase, to this validator wallet. and now the funds are as good as dead.

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If you still have you password use this
./hmy --node=“” staking edit-validator --validator-addr one1rw02h0xmks5ungx63tkdw0xn8xc4hjzf3xt8tw --name “inactive” --details “do not delegate, this validator is inactive” --active false --passphrase

Afterwards you can use
./hmy --node=“” staking undelegate --delegator-addr one1rw02h0xmks5ungx63tkdw0xn8xc4hjzf3xt8tw --validator-addr one1rw02h0xmks5ungx63tkdw0xn8xc4hjzf3xt8tw --amount 10000 --passphrase

After 7 Epochs you can go with
./hmy --node=“” transfer --from one1rw02h0xmks5ungx63tkdw0xn8xc4hjzf3xt8tw --to YOURnewONEwallet --from-shard 0 --to-shard 0 --amount 10000 --chain-id mainnet --passphrase

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i have exhausted all efforts to locate the keystore… it must be present in the ./hmy to use those commands. i was really hoping this would work out! but it doesnt look that way

my own fault, for not doing a better job of backing up my stuff. i had hope, but only ended up chasing my tail again.