Staking one token lost

Hi, I just staked 1000 harmony one token to the Pistake validator. But after I finished delegated. I couldn’t find it in my portfolio and I also couldn’t find the above-mentioned validator. Has anyone experienced this. Is it a scam?

Is this the validator you’re looking for?

You write just, delegated at 8:57am UTC? if so it’s all there and fine :pray:t3:

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Hi, I still can’t see the amount in my portfolio yet. Someone from harmony telegram support contacted me and is still pending for solution. Are you from the support team?

Hi, yes .
This is the validator. Now I can see it in the validator list. But the amount that I delegated was not shown in my portfolio yet.

Someone from the harmony support team contacted me through telegram call and is looking for a solution to resolve the issue. Thks.

If you try the link above and replace with your ONE address you can have an overview of your portfolio.

There is no harmony telegram support. Make sure to not give out mnemonic phrases, privat keys or passwords.

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Please make sure you’re being contacted by an official Harmony support. There is near zero chance you’ve received a Telegram call from the actual Harmony team!


Thank you for the advice. Will take note.


Will take note and thank you for all the advice.