- Custom NFT Market Place on Harmony


Decentralized NFTs Marketplace would like to apply for USDT and ONE token for a grant to:

  1. Operate functional as Opensea NFTs Marketplace on HARMONY.
  2. Buy/Sell/Mint all in one place.
  3. Maintain and update the Marketplace for upcoming game items that are releasing in the future.


Pete Ho and Paul Nguyen are co-founder of Fantom Vietnam ( ID 13 ) in 2017. We have more than 5 years experience in crypto space including: trading, funding, and node operation. Pete specialties are investing in blockchain products that give high ROI potential. Paul is full time node operator and website developments. Paul has more than 12 years experience in php web development. Currently we opened an investment arm for Fantom Vietnam called FVN Capital. We just opened an office with outsourcing developers for blockchain projects in Ho Chi Minh. We have 4 developers,1 marketer and 1 designer working full time and part-time developers.


Harmony blockchain is fast and has the cheapest traction compared to other EVM compatible blockchain such as Fantom, Avalanche, Celo, xDai and so on. However, Harmony blockchain lacks the development of Defi and Nfts such as Lending protocol, AMM Dex, and Nft marketplaces. Our vision outsee the NFTs trends is a new multi billion market as collectible items on blockchain.

Why is Harmony?

Harmony had many advantages to other blockchain EVM compatible such as Low transaction fees, cheapest contract deploy costs, and almost instant confirmation. Also, community is growing tremendous fast.

Why is NFTs Marketplace?

Let say, it is just the beginning of one of our products that we will release on Harmony or other blockchains. NFTs are the future of collectible items, it will be 10 or not to say 100 billion dollars market in next 5 years. We decided not to miss an opportunities to develop on the fastest and cheapest blockchain. Customers will realize they only pay a fraction of 5 cent to mint/trade on Harmony network compared to 70-100 dollars on ETH, 5-10 dollars on SOL, or 10-20 Cents on Fantom.


  1. Launching a fully operational NFTs marketplace for ERC-721(arts,gaming items, and more) compatibility.
  2. Maintain and update to contracts.
  3. Monitor and secure platform.
  4. Connecting Vietnamese and global artists to Harmony Network.
  5. Connecting NFT gaming developers to Harmony Network.


  • Marketplace UI/UX
    • Wallet Connect (with Metamask at launch )
    • Profile
    • Popular NFTs
    • Best Selling NFTs
    • Search/Filter NFTs
    • Items management
    • Crete Items
    • Mint Items
    • Listing Items
    • Bid,Auction,and Sell Items
    • Collections
    • Favorite
    • NFT details.
    • Transaction history
    • Notification via email.
  • Blog
    • Blog post Listing
    • Post detail contents
  • Help Center
    • Help category
    • Question/Answer details
    • Telegram
    • Discord


50k USDT or equalize in ONE token for a grant to build full integrations and documentations

  • Marketplace operation
  • Maintain and update the marketplace.

Note: We are currently developing an AMM DEX and a Play2Earn Game both can be ready very soon


Team of 9 from FVN Capital:

Pete Ho: Co-founder, Investment Strategist at FVN Capital / Fantom Vietnam

Paul Nguyen: Co-founder, Lead developer at FVN Capital / Fantom Vietnam

S. Thai: Co-founder , Lead Smart Contract Developers.

Hieu Nguyen: Customer relationship management.

Others include: 4 full time solidity smart contract developers and 1 full time UX/UI designer with 2 year contracts with FVN Capital.
Many more developers are currently under review for positions at our lab.

Please see demo of lay out and branding logo for our marketplace.


Thank you for your kind words

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Thank you for the great proposal. You have been approved for the $50k “Launches” track:

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
$10K after mainnet launch
$10K after forming a DAO with its community
$20K for after 10K users

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Hello there:

I’ve connected with Harmony Testnet but it’s not showing the connection in the Front end and can’t test.
In which step of the project are you?
Would you please share more info about it?

Thank you!
:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart: