The-Marketplace.ONE: a general purpose/cross-chain NFT marketplace, developing games and tools for the NFT collectors of the future

The Marketplace

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Marketplace.ONE / The Marketplace

Proposal Overview

The Marketplace is “THE” NFT Marketplace for your buying/selling, auctioning, and gamification needs. Built to support any NFTs of the ERC721 (HRC721) standard and in the future any standard of NFT from any chain.

Making it easier to showcase, buy, sell, share, and soon, create NFTs on the Harmony Blockchain. We have been on Mainnet now for a couple weeks with 100’s of verified transactions and transfers.

Built by Harmony NFT collectors for Harmony NFT collectors, our plan is to become a full/cross-chain NFT ecosystem.

Already, we give our users the ability to;

  • buy/sell
  • make offers on
  • auction

any 721-standard NFT native to Harmony. Using proven marketplace strategy from other successful platforms like OpenSea.

An example of a collections unique URLs on our website is as follows:[collectionContractAddress][collectionContractAddress]/[tokenId]

HarmonyPunk Kitties Collection:

We are working to develop more features to become a one-stop shop for NFTs on Harmony.

Creating a space for all projects in one marketplace, working together to bring more NFT projects to Harmony and more people to blockchain technology in general.


Weeks 1-2: Launch first featured collection 10k Pixel Pirates

Week 2-3: Add unique collection filtering + rarity % tools

Weeks 3-5: Complete beta build of minting features and allow users to mint their own Collections or 1/1 NFTs on the marketplace and begin testing/debugging

First Month (after launch): 25%+ Pixel Pirates trading on marketplace, 500K ONE total volume traded, minting features successfully launched.

Second Month (after launch): On track to hit 9K active users

There are a lot of features we would like to add for our users. More ways to interact, store & create NFTs, and more ways to have fun & earn while on the Dapp. We would like to see monthly traffic of 9k active users with 35% of them buying or selling an NFT.

We plan on heavily marketing to get traffic to our site and would like to hire artists, developers and digital marketers to create a more whole product and long-term ecosystem/community.

Proposal ask

$50,000 USD to be used towards hiring more art, digital marketing, and developer employees.

Metrics for success

600+ unique sellers

1 Million ONE in transaction volume

9K active users

Dapp Link


Harmony NFTs are my favorite. I love to see Harmony Punks, Harmonauts, Harmoonies, Harmony Punk Kitties, and Harmony Whales all under one roof. I’m looking forward to the growth of the Harmony NFT ecosystem. Marketplaces like this are what we need.


Personally, I’m interested in this proposal. I think that having multiple marketplaces is a bonus for Harmony. Especially with Cross-Chain NFTs in the works to go live by the end of October, I think that is a position to add friendly competition for daVinci, and just like Ethereum, I think we can see multiple marketplaces be successful. Looking forward to see how this pans out.


With a very recent launch, I really like the usability of the-marketplace. I’m excited to see how the team builds this out. It’s already filling in for NFT projects that don’t have a native marketplace. Only place to buy/sell some of these NFTs. I really like to see all the tokens living in one place.


This application has helped many of the Harmony Punk members showcase listings, to include Whales and crypto pigs.

This marketplace is essential for when the organic marketplace for projects is saturated with listings, personally it’s nice to scroll and have options of different projects.

The developer is open to feedback and responsive to any issues, has an open line of communication at all times. I stand behind this firmly :handshake:.


i support this project! website is really cool


Thank you very much everyone for your support so far !!

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@lootblocks much needed proposition for our ecosystem

Can you breakdown the cost expenditure that you’re planning, how much per role and their experience levels?

More questions:

  • Will you be spending more time on the UX? I can tell to scale you’ll need a way to organize the display, categorize them, enable filters (week 2-3), search capability, etc.
  • You should consider looking at IPFS pinning (like CDN) Pinata.Cloud - enables super fast load times of thumbnails. We have a group chat with them between Harmonauts and Pinata Telegram: Join Group Chat
  • Will you be forming a DAO? See Apply for Grants or DAO

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and $20K for after 10K users.


@Jacksteroo for sure, sorting without a server/DB is pretty expensive on chain so we’re adding that in now, it’s a top priority. The entire marketplace is currently running on chain.

Categories, filtering, searching, yup for sure.

Our system just reads other NFTs tokenURIs so I’m not sure what you mean for IPFS but for our own minting functionality we are definitely using Pinata yeah. Pinata is also being used for the upcoming marketplace specific collection Pixel Pirates. Furthermore we plan to redundantly store every NFT minted on our platform incase Pinata ever fails for whatever reason. The protection of our users assets is one of our TOP priorities.

And yes we do plan to form a DAO once our community grows a bit, we have a soft goal of 2-4k active users. Our priorities right now are really just improving user experience through the things you mentioned and more features, as well as adding the minting functionality ASAP.

Not sure if I missed anything but feel free to join our discord and message me there if you have any other questions :ok_hand:

Thank you for your reply !!


@lootblocks Thank you for your patience. The proof-of-concept looks really good. I can tell that you’ll need quite a bit of help on the entire stack to make the experience smoother with a well architected user flow.

Can we switch the order of the launches? I feel that sending out a collection before it’s closer to feature complete could be disheartening to users. First impression is key. Might I suggest:

  • Complete the features: filtering, rarity % tools, minting features, marketplace, etc.
  • Test it out on Testnet with the Pixel Pirates, with minting, trading, auctioning, etc.
  • Get it as close to feature complete within 4-6 weeks, test with at least 100 users ($10K)
  • Collect all the feedback and spend 2 weeks iterating before launching on Mainnet ($10K)
  • Continue iterating on the UX while marketing, hit 10K users ($20K)
  • DAO formation ($10K)

Will this work @lootblocks ?

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Might I suggest changing the name of the dApp. It does seem lengthy, making this prone for errors when typing or communicating this, and a bit more difficult to market. Just my 2 cents.


Collection is done lol.

You can support Pixel Pirates at

I’m currently working on “filtering, rarity % tools, minting features”.

Yeah that’s fine, basically sounds like the timeline we’re on already more or less.

The MP already supports buying/selling/auctions and the demand is clear seeing as we now have ~ 500 listings of Freys, Harmoonies, CryptoPigs, Punks, etc being bought and sold every day.

We’re solving a problem on Harmony right now that I imagine most of you non die-hard NFT fans don’t even understand exists.

All major NFTs on other chains are built using the 721 standard. We are the only marketplace on Harmony at the moment that is aware of that and supports that standard.

Currently Harmony has invested a lot of resources in galleries that don’t follow these standards and will have a tough time integrating with cross-chain collections in the future.

Seems like it could be a problem for a cross chain network.

No need to stress though, we’re here to help.


Yeah don’t worry we’ve been talking about updating the dapp name/logo already, it’s on our minds for sure.


@lootblocks Congratulations, approved for $50K Launch!

We look forward to having you launch the updates on the Testnet. Please review the Funding FAQ for next steps


Thank you very much sir. Looking forward to updating you. We will not let you down :raised_hands:


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We have formed The Marketplace DAO. Have had a vote to decide the governors and have started planning for the DAO moving forward

Marketplace DAO MultiSig Wallet:



The DAO needs to define 3 broad mandates, recruit 9 governors (done), define the deliverables and metrics for the first 3 months.

Post the mandates on the Governors category on this forum, thanks!


I couldn’t find the Governors section of the launches forum so I’ll just post this here…


Fostering community is a main ideal of The Marketplace. We aim to be a place for everyone to come together and feel valued. Whether you are an artist, collector, seller, investor or just someone looking to learn about NFTs The Marketplace is somewhere you are welcomed. Education and conversation are vital to the growth of the community

We aim to be a place where ANYONE can buy or sell ANYTHING. While this opens the door for anything to happen, that is, we believe, the true beauty of decentralization. Trustless, non-custodial transactions are what we believe drives a decentralized marketplace.

Staying ahead of the game is vital in the ever-changing world of blockchain. While we have many examples in the space to emulate, we strive to take those ideas and make them better. Bringing new and exciting features to our users will drive value and usership. Providing tools new to Harmony Protocol that will add value to the eco-system overall

Metrics (3 month timeline)
4k unique users, 30k in volume, 5 featured collections, 200 artists

Deliverables (3 month timeline)
Community proposal, voting and governance. Advanced collection filtering. Custom minting tool. UI/UX upgrades