Assisting Harmony in Generating ROI: This is Necessary to Combat Volatility


Hi, Harmony community. I run some of the larger crypto groups in the Bay Area, with a combined 3,500 members and 22k followers. We are self funded and hold crypto meetups, social mixers, NFT & investment pitch nights. I’ve hosted and been to about 80 in-person blockchain meets and conferences in the last 6 months. I am a huge advocate for web3 adoption and find it necessary to for most sectors and companies to make the pivot sooner rather than later.

I’m a friend of the Harmony community. I attend many of Harmonys events in San Francisco and I know some of the team members on a personal level. Since larger blockchain companies are laying off people right now, I would hate to see any of my friends also lose their jobs if Harmony fails to allocate funds effectively. I’m motivated to assist in any way because I really have faith in Harmony and value that Harmony provides. I also have a rather large portion $ONE in my portfolio.


I’ve read through countless proposals, ideas, protocols, NFT projects, white papers and web3 pitch decks. All of them are asking for more and more funding while failing to provide any ROI. It’s frankly upsetting. The fact that Harmony had to halt funding because the “investments” were not paying off (and due to restructuring), is proof that capital should be invested smarter and we need more innovation in this sector, not just copies of products on different chains. These are some examples of current proposal “asks” that I’m wading though just on Harmony.

• $60k to completely develop another NFT Marketplace. How many do we need?
• $10k allocated to social media growth & marketing. Which is never enough.
• $50k to build a successful P2E from scratch. No returns in sight.
• $10k towards a hackathon
• $10k towards another hackathon
• $10k towards yet another hackathon

I’d really like Harmony to thrive, continue funding and not go the way of Luna, 3AC or Celsius. With Inflation (stagflation) at historical highs, interest rates hiking up, global markets stalling after years of artificial growth and a looming “great reset” upon us, how can you create more positive and predictable returns in both bullish & bearish markets? Harmony needs something better to generate capital.

Which asset attributes are important to you?

• Uncorrelated Returns
• Increased Returns
• Compounding Returns
• Mitigated Risk
• Self Custody
• Ease of Use/Transfer
• Added diversity
• Increased Liquidity
• Passive Income
• No Lock Up Period
• Insured

What if I’ve already been utilizing an asset for the last 16 months that possesses all of these characteristics and more? Finding and connecting with this product team during the pandemic has been life changing. I’ve made incredible APY (not APR), paid rent with profits and I was able quit my job. It’s been my best performing and most consistent asset since the last crypto bull run. (See “check out TAAS” section below to access the last 20 months of performance analysis.)

I personally invest in web3 startups, funds and crypto assets. Most of my net worth is in blockchain holdings. I have 120+ crypto assets in 35+ wallets, I’m a long term holder, I have no fiat to my name and I see where the future is going, most of us here do. Even though I understand crypto market cycles and I expect 90% drops, to see my net worth cut in half in about 6 weeks was pretty jarring. The only thing saving my portfolio at this moment, is the usage of this product. During this last bloody 2022 downturn in May, I returned 6% and as of June 20th I’m up 3.75% for the month. So while $BTC took a 50% hit and TAAS generated about 10%. Let’s jump in to the details.


TAAS [Trading-as-a-Service]


TAAS eliminates human error through its unique algorithmic trading strategy. While traditional assets and investments struggle to outpace inflation year-over-year, TAAS is generating returns that increase exponentially thanks to it’s compounding nature. TAAS was conceived by an international collective of professional quantitative traders focused on high win-rate systematic trading models. TAAS’ autonomous trading license is a powerful addition to any portfolio due to its unique combination of fundamentals.


The TAAS [trading algorithm] initiates short-term swing trades, opening & closing positions in USDT (the world’s largest stable coin). The trading algorithm executes calculated long & short positions to maximize profit no matter the market conditions. Whether the market is bullish or bearish, TAAS detects trading opportunities with a high likelihood of profitability. Once a trade is identified, the TAAS algorithm will automatically open a position for the respective trade on the member’s account via API. In addition to opening a position, TAAS will automatically set markers to close the trade. These include a sell price (“take profit”), and an exit price (“stop loss”). When the price hits the associated target, profit will be made, or downside mitigated.

TAAS’ in-house trading team uses machine learning & AI to continuously improve on efficiency, profitability, and risk mitigation. TAAS was developed by sifting through millions of trading set-ups in 2020. After the team identified a profitable strategy, forward-testing was conducted for 6 months to confirm strategy results prior to official deployment.

After strategy identification, our team integrated various backend tools to enable automatic trading on our members’ accounts without TAAS requiring account access. TAAS successfully created a product that gives our members full access to their funds. This is in steep contrast to the various fraud, “rug-pulling” and lock-up scams that many investors have fallen victim to in the crypto space… including myself… twice.


TAAS is the perfect addition to any company balance sheet.

  • TAAS won’t waste your money on development, security or launching on test-nets
  • TAAS doesn’t want to throw parties to promote more nonsense in the web3 space
  • TAAS doesn’t need to hire NFT artists
  • TAAS won’t take a single dime unless you profit
  • TAAS doesn’t even ask to control/possess your funds

Through my extensive conversations with the team, I’ve been given a limited number of invites. Since I’m a member already, I’m here extending one of my TAAS invites to Harmony. This includes a free 30 day trial with as low as $1000 allocated. This is a test period for Harmony to see TAAS in action and view trade logs. After the trial, you will have the option of 4 different tiers based on account balance. The US account derivatives trading pair is SOL/USDT or BTC/USDT. An international account has 4 other proprietary strategies with similar and potentially higher returns: BNB/USDT, XRP/USDT, SAND/USDT & BNB/USDT.


Harmony to allocate 0.001% to 1% of the treasury/reserves/fund into a custodial FTX account, to access the TAAS trade-only API.


  • 9.3% Average Monthly ROI

  • 91%+ Win Rate

  • $43M privately allocated to multiple strategies

  • $7.5M in Insurance (provided by FTX)

  • 1.4 Sharpe Ratio

  • TAAS heavily mitigates risk in a few ways:
    • 20% max drawdown
    • only trades with 50% of balance
    • eliminates emotion & human error
    • TAAS has no access to withdraw/spend funds (“trade”-only API)
    • uncorrelated to any global financial market or crypto asset value
    • seamless compounding
    • no lockup period
    • full control of withdrawals & deposits
    • no need to hold extremely volatile crypto assets
    • balance can be split between multiple strategies (Tier 1 international members)

These are actual trading signals from TAAS in action. This is how TAAS members profit during plummeting markets. It’s more accurate than any human trader. The only reason why I’m here proposing TAAS to Harmony is that I know you need help and this is the most conservative and easy decision I’ve ever made, to turn piling losses into balance sheet profits. Those stacking profits can then be used to fund whatever projects Harmony likes, or Harmony can choose to compound all returns.

Because of TAAS’ compounding effects, the green line grows over time, as long term holders of BTC or S&P 500 stay pretty stagnant. And yes, this is the last 17 months of actual TAAS performance.

Even if all this information doesn’t get you excited and you’re are still skeptical, I’m so confident in this system that I’m willing to personally fund the $1,000 trial account for qualified investors. I’ve been in crypto since 2009, so naturally I was doubtful at first as well. After I witnessed a winning and pure quant trading strategy that sits in my own account, I’ve been “DCAing” into TAAS for the last 16 months. Harmony will be blown away when TAAS exponentially outperforms most other “investments” made so far.

And even during a market plummet, the funds are always there for me to withdraw, unlike the $80k I have stuck in Celsius Network. Had I known better then, I would have had put it in TAAS.


If you Apply, Please mention you found this through “Gage” or the Harmony portal. I’m giving you the TAAS member/guest passcode code below for all of you to view the performance data.


Performance page:
Member Passcode = alpha

TAAS Application:
TAAS Capital

TAAS Capital


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