Back for the first time!

Hello :wave:t4: again , it’s been a while , I almost forgot I was on hold for my poor comments about a project within our ecosystem, no need to throw dirt or dig up old news :newspaper:

Im back with a vengeance , felt motivated being in Denver with the team where I was able to support the Harmony Community first hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:, passing out swag , setting up shop for events and more.

I am entirely grateful :smiling_face_with_tear: for the opportunity to have stayed at the Grand Hyatt , I publicly never expressed my gratitude, and since my comments led me to being blocked shortly after returning I wouldn’t want it to take away from the experience I had.

Never shared most pictures other than my personal account , here’s to hoping Harmony has to tough love for me :blue_heart: , never been ONE to bite my tongue :tongue: , if you don’t like it see me on the basketball courts and settle disputes or move on , here to stay :wink:

From playing basketball :basketball: with Stephen to getting that alpha on 1wallet and bumping shoulders with great peers , to being in the present moment for a TGI , this is a great group to be around :muscle:t4:



Just want to state I do not take my comments about the project back , I said what I said.

As for me and DAOs that’s a road that’s no longer for me , I have my mind set on being a developer within our ecosystem offering trustworthy services :innocent: :soon:

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the bayc cloth with harmony logo in the middle made me cringe goddamn