Community DAO Twitter Space 11/5 Recap


DAO deliverables, Engaging with the broader community, and more!

Hello to our fellow Harmony community!

The community DAO held the 4th official Twitter space to increase engagement and boost participation from the broader community. Listed below are a number of key highlights from the talk that spanned over 3 hours with 85 unique participants throughout.

This is outstanding growth but we need YOU ! Every ONE should feel encouraged to join in the conversation held on Twitter or on the official Harmony forum at .

The importance of this cannot be understated. The community DAO is your way to shape the future of our incredible community. As a Harmony ONE token holder, you have the ability to CREATE & VOTE on proposals that can be funded and implemented by the DAO.

Without further ado, listed below are the highlights from the call; in a format we can use to keep you up to date with all the latest conversations surrounding governance and community growth.

Notes taken by

Harmonious Dude - Kyle

-Opened up with Majrapaj updating everyone on a project under development he’d mentioned the week before. It’s called Benevelent Moon. It will use data from Chainlink to provide up to the minute price data. There will be two games: Benevelent Moon Squares and Benevelent Rocket. It will be a predictive game where users can bet on prices of assets. A portion of all bets go into a benevolent fund. The winner will get a portion of the winnings and be allowed to choose one of the approved charities/organizations for the benevolent funds to be donated in their name. It will be a BMS token and will have a DAO. They are partnering with Free Code Camp.

-Next, Ogre Abroad came on to speak about his upcoming project, Harmony Hub, which will act as a Metaverse, token and blockchain hub and will offer meta guild token help to guide users onto Harmony. The site had been around previously and is being brought back as an alternative to Harmony’s blockchain explorer. Bricktop made suggestions for info on the app: include all relevant AMAs, youtubes, bounties, and paid-to-source new items.

-The discussion then turned to DAOs (led by Bricktop): what are they? What are the community DAOs mandates? And then he encouraged everyone to reach out bc we are ready to work. Ogre came back on and stressed that for the DAO to be successful, it is up to the community members to get involved. Trippy Crypto suggested creating a separate Discord for the Community DAO and Majrapaj offered to help setting it up. Concerns were raised that the task of moderating it might be too large of a task for the DAO governors. Follow up needed to potentially create more CDAO channels on the Harmony Discord (maybe speak with Harmony Dragon about this?).

-JCR Validator came on and spoke about a new NFT platform, Voldemart, coming and that they are into phase 3 of testnet. If anyone would like, they can reach out to JCR for testnet tokens to try the platform out. The project is being led by Seriously Mad and Pixie. They are working towards integration with generative NFTs, being able to see other’s collections with the ability to make an offer on their pieces. They are asking for feedback from the community.

-Next there was a brief discussion about Cross Chain NFTs being on testnet with an expected launch of 11/15. JCR mentioned a desire to petition opensea to integrate with Harmony. Eldar came on and expressed there may be ETH whales that would conspire to restrict this. Other listeners came on and suggested that we are in a .com-type revolution and that chains working in concert is inevitable. JCR also added that opensea has already integrated layer 2 solutions like Matic and was hopeful that a partnership with Harmony could be secured.

-Next, Mister Chelsea came on to ask about progress with the BTC bridge. We provided the most up to date info available on, including the gradual rollout process to be able to audit it before the full release. Then we discussed why the bridge was important and reasons BTC holders would bridge their assets (to be able to enter yield farming, lend their btc on a platform like TRANQ to earn an apy, etc.).

-Edd Norris came on and spoke to why the future is so bright because Harmony tries to coexist and add value and utility for users. It is important for the protocol to have ease of use and to develop an economic framework, so that the users focus is built to last. We must educate outsiders as to what makes Harmony so great and to spread the word that its tools exist. Also, there does not need to be a rush to development because getting things right the first time is more important.

-Eldar stressed the importance of getting listed on Coinbase. A brief discussion went on (mostly speculative) about possible reasons it has not happened yet and how important a coinbase listing really is.

-Harmonious Dude then brought up that the Council is working on creating a charter to govern the DAO and hopes to have something to present to the community for vote sooner rather than later. JCR came on and suggested splitting it up into a charter body, which loosely defines the mandates and responsibilities of the DAO and including any rules or restrictions involved with daily operations as annexes beneath the charter, so that the document isn’t too restrictive and in need of change later. He used the comparison of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights as being two separate documents where the constitution is a concrete, unchangeable document, whereas the Bill of Rights can be added to or changed in time.

-Edd Norris then came back on and urged follow up on for ideas on structuring ways to incentivize participation amongst the community. Manumix came on and asked about maybe offering more approachable platforms to interact and maybe hosting a webinar to discuss ways for the community to get involved. JCR then stressed that the idea behind DAOs is for the governors to only act as facilitators and that not only is any communication from the community welcome, but necessary for the DAO’s success. Validity then came on and said the path to participation must be made easier.

-Then a suggestion was made (name not taken. sorry:)) that perhaps DAO funds could be used to plan local meetups around the country/world where current community members could try to encourage outsiders to join the Harmony community.

-Justin.ONE then came on and expressed a desire to better help people see and understand how they can use Harmony in their everyday lives to better themselves. He suggested looking at what Terra does with their structure of banking/debit card usage.

-Biznustime came on to discuss the need to develop reward incentives. Also stressed the importance of only promoting established projects built on the protocol and maybe use their HRC tokens as part of incentivizing participation and therefore encouraging further participation in the ecosystem. Manumix suggested creating tasks for the community where they can earn tokens by completing them, even if it is only temporary to get the participation ball rolling.

-Next, the conversation turned to coming up with ways to make the CDAO self sustaining in the future once all grants have been exhausted. Biznustime came on to suggest a lottery-type game (like a 50/50 raffle seen at sporting events) where participants can win a percentage of a pot and the rest goes to the DAO. Then it was discussed that the CDAO could potentially be considered as one of the recipients of the benevolent funds in the aforementioned Benevelent Moon game being created by Majrapaj. Another suggestion was to have a portion of DAO funds staked in order to provide passive income for the DAO. Currently the Gnosis Wallet does not allow for staking, but Hank the Crank came on and announced that a new multisig wallet is in the works and that it will allow for staking.

-Next, a go fund me post was shared to raise awareness of a community member struggling with leukemia. Then the discussion turned to how the CDAO should or should not be involved in these types of requests for donations. The objectors didn’t have a problem with donating to the gofundme, they were just worried that a precedent would be set where we would begin getting requests to assist with all community members’ struggles. After this point, the soon-to-be-created Matching DAO was mentioned. It will be a program where the community will decide on individuals or causes that merit donations for any number of reasons. Once all donations have been accepted, Harmony will match whatever donations have been raised by the community.

Closing: Each speaker thanked everyone for coming and again stressed the importance of participation.

These are just some of the amazing topics discussed throughout the space, and we would love input from the community on any (or all!) of the topics covered.

We will be continually posting updates for the spaces going forward in addition to content relating to many of the topics listed above.

Stay tuned, get involved and vote!

-The Harmony Community DAO