Cant find Staked Tokens

I hope someone can provide some advice.

I have a Harmony One Account and i have staked my ONE via Metamask. I’ve not been on my account for some time maybe 12 months. I logged in today and noticed that i have no ONE being staked. I can see the transaction history showing that it was transferred in and i can’t see any transaction taking it out (so i don’t think i have been hacked…i hope) i just cant seem to find them!

Any ideas on how to find them or what i need to do.

is there anyone but Scammers on here!! Since i posted this message i’ve received 5 copy and paste private messages into my inbox about how a Ticket has been opened for me and to click the link!!! :rage:

Sorry about that. Harmony doesn’t have any official support on here, scammers seem to have taken it over. Don’t pay attention to any DM’s.
The staking dashboard can be glitchy at times, I usually have to refresh the page to see my staked ONE. If you paste your public address in the explorer it should show you how many ONE you have staked.

Also sometimes signing out of the dashboard, then going into your browser settings and clearing your cache helps as well.

Suddenly same issue here. Nothing shows in Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B connected to my metamask.
nothing at all in the harmony blockchain explorer
New Chrome metamask installation makes no difference.
This seems to be a recurring theme of missing tokens.
No explanations or updates on solutions.

Resolved with a new metamask installation on Chrome.