Carbon Credit: End of Hack Checkin

> Team name
Carbon Credit

> Chosen hackathon track/s
Terra - Crypto Native Financial Primitives
Cross-Border - Impact

> What did you work on?
Carbon Credit is a new crypto financial primitive. It is analogous to a tradFi credit-card. Only one CarbonNFT can be minted per address, allowing you to use your address transaction history as collateral on the CarbonLoans P2P lending platform.

For the first time ever in crypto, Carbon Credit allows users to take out undercollateralised loans, by instead collateralising the loan with their reputations, as borne out by their transaction history!

CarbonCredit Protocol lets you:

  1. Mint a unique CarbonNFT card for each address to use as collateral;
  2. Provides a P2P platform for NFT-collateralised loans. Collateral can be CarbonNFT cards or any other NFT.

Carbon Credit NFT is an entirely new development,
whereas Carbon Loans, an NFT-Collateralised P2P loan platform on Harmony Mainnet, is a modified fork of CFY.Finance, an under-use protocol on polygon developed by us earlier.

Combining CarbonLoans with Carbon Credit NFTs lets veteran crypto users in particular take out undercollateralised crypto loans with ease.

We’d love some community engagement and feedback around the incentives of our protocol. Our contracts are published on Harmony Mainnet.

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