Celesta Labs: NFT-Based Crowdfunding & Community Building

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Celesta Labs

Proposal overview

Celesta Labs empowers organizations advancing sustainability by giving them web3 superpowers. We provide a no-code platform for NFT-based crowdfunding, community building, and incentive-alignment, pioneered by DAOs and on-chain organizations.

Our systems for promoting social, economic, and environmental sustainability are broken, with too many middlemen. Web3 can change this — specifically, DAOs provide us with radical new ways to coordinate people and capital. But the barrier to entry into web3 is immense for most of these organizations—especially those without a tech background. Hiring a smart contract developer for even the simplest projects can be well over $60,000!

With Celesta, our objective is to make it as easy as possible for organizations and individuals to enter web3.

From the organization standpoint, we simplify the process of helping collectives bootstrap as a DAO via no-code NFT crowdfunding. Celesta then provides the organization with a set of NFT-gated landing pages and a member home base, that serves as a point of truth to share announcements and quests (i.e., bounties) with the champions who participated in the crowdfund. From the individual perspective, we ensure that our user flows are simple and intuitive — for many, this will be their first point of contact with web3. We streamline the process for them to mint NFTs, and provide them with a simple login flow to access and contribute to the organization.

We aim to onboard the next million individuals to web3 by empowering them to bootstrap and contribute to DAOs that resonate with their values. Celesta’s MVP is live on the Ethereum mainnet. Our go-to-market approach for user acquisition has been to embed ourselves deeply in the community to better identify, vet, and support projects in the space. We hope for support from the Harmony community to port, and amplify our platform within the Harmony ecosystem.


Daniel and Sahaana were close colleagues for over six years as CS PhD students in the Stanford DAWN lab, where they shared the common goal of democratizing access to technology, particularly AI. Their work has spanned new interfaces, query languages, and algorithms that make it easier to develop and deploy AI at scale, and has been productionized at companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Toyota.

More recently, Daniel and Sahaana have shifted their focus from democratizing AI, to democratizing technology that can help save our planet. They’ve been working closely with several DAOs for sustainability and conservation to understand and develop tools to help create more accessible interfaces for social good x web3.

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

Our main metrics include projects/DAOs created, users onboarded, and volume of assets moved. For this initial launch, we are focusing heavily on development and marketing.


$15k: Crowdfunding platform on Harmony Testnet
$15k: Quest and Task payments on Harmony Testnet
$15k: Project management dashboard on Harmony Testnet
$5k: Launching + Marketing the integrated platform on Harmony Mainnet, with video tutorials, workshops, in-depth guides, and support.

External links

Website: https://www.celestalabs.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CelestaLabs

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