Launch NFT's & Dao's on Harmony with No Code

Name of Project

Launch NFT’s & Dao’s on Harmony with No Code

Proposal overview

Mintdropz is a web3 company building the future of multi chain infrastructure, creator freedom, decentralized social platforms, & cross chain interoperability.

Mintdropz is a NFT Ecosystem development and launching DAO and NFT projects with no code smart contract deployment and no technical experience needed. Mintdropz offers to launch an NFT platform without having to code. Creators can plug and play and can launch their NFT platform and smart contract. We will build an ecosystem around the Harmony blockchain technology. On our platform, they can upload all types of files as an NFT to monetize all types of media. Creators can go live with their community and make amazing moments together like live courses, events, and more on our platform.

Execution strategy:

  • Launch a kick off marketing campaign featuring the Blue Metaverse + Harmony BAYC Apes
  • Research team for target markets and ideal creators
  • Develop creator grant program to promote NFT and DAO creation on Harmony One
  • Inbound and outbound marketing for creators grant program
  • Strategic partnerships with current Mintdropz creators that include stars across sports and entertainment
  • Workshops with Harmony to promote ecosystem NFT and DAO development
  • Content workshops to discuss potential content ideas for inbound marketing practices
  • Distribute inbound content across relevant channels

We already built our product, pre-launched and already signed Creators. Our platform is currently built and we can bring notable projects to the Harmony ecosystem.

Our aim is to have the top content creators on our platform globally.


Founders: Ryan Kumar and Robin Birla have worked with celebrities like Yeezy Gap, Kanye West, Future, Tory Lanez, Saweetie & More. They have scaled teams for the most valuable teams in the world Bill, IBM, Accenture, & more.

  • They spoke at global platforms like Celo connect, NFT NYC, Mainnet 2021.
  • They have a big track record of success. They have founded companies like Rani (Acquired) and Ruvivo.
  • Rani is a luxury brand with core products in Jewelry & Home Goods. Rani products were sold in the largest retailers in the world Costco, Sams Club, & more. Completely self funded to annual multimillion dollar revenue for 5+ years.
  • Ruvivo is a staffing & consulting platform that builds Data Science, Machine Learning, and Blockchain teams for the world’s most innovative companies in the world. Clients include: Bill, Celonis, Karius, Polarr, & more.

Our team has +other [20] members across 5 countries who have worked in companies like Google, Amazon.

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

Successful launch on Harmony One and community development. Big artists/creators will join the platform. We will launch creators on NFT and DAO platforms built on Harmony One.

First Milestone: Successful Implementation of NFT Minting API within Mintdropz Backend,Users can mint Non Fungible Tokens on Harmony ONE Blockchain from platform, Announcement of Platform Launch.

Second Milestone: Successful launch of platform with focused marketing effort with announcements, Implement Harmony ONE blockchain technology into NFT and DAO Platform, give creators customizable template for NFT collection storefront + CMS system to upload/edit content

Third Milestone: Successful launch of the NFT and DAO no code platform with Harmony One Integration, Initiation of marketing campaign around the platform and onboard first set of creators.

Future expansion: Mintdropz will become the catalyst to NFT creator adoption on the Harmony One platform. We will incubate, accelerate, and fund NFT enabled projects building on Mintdropz and Harmony one.

External links

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Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned to @jbeltran, who will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

Hi there!
Thanks for posting your proposal.

With platforms like MAD NFT, Opensea, daVinci, etc… Which problem the project would be solving?
I’m thinking of collections already the artist can make, with no code, also.
What would be the difference between a collection on a platform and your solution?

Regarding the grant. How do you consider would be distributed during the time and Milestones?

Thank you for giving us more info.
:rocket: :blue_heart: :one:

Hey @jbeltran!

Thanks for the reply, that’s a really good question.

  1. 98% of all top 100 projects on Opensea or any secondary marketplace do not come from Opensea’s smart contract for minting

They come from a smart contract that is deployed natively on their behalf, that they own.

When deploy their own contract, they own their own contract / where if they use Opensea’s smart contract, Opensea owns it.

  1. Projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, Moonbirds - all had their own smart contract, and their own website to launch these projects

To do so like these project, you need a front end engineer to build the site, backend engineer manage the database, and solidity developer to build the contract.

With Mintdropz, you don’t need any engineers and can do it all by yourself with a click of a button.

  1. Opensea doesn’t support harmony today and even when they do, they will not allow users to have their own smart contract on Opensea - they will still need a service like Mintdropz or hire a solidity developer to do this.

  2. Mintdropz allows no code DAO building as well, not supported by any of the services mentioned.

We will enable NFT collections, utility based NFT priject, and DAO’s to be easy to launched on Harmony which will boost the amount of projects launching on Harmony by easing the access.


The timeline can range from 4-6 weeks once the grant has been received to launch on harmony.

We would want to properly build for Harmony, Test, and develop a roll out plan that will benefit the ecosystem but still will be done is a speedy manner.

Let me know if you have more questions!