Change of Name and Mandate for Africa DAO- Dangerous precedence for the future

Greetings Harmony Community,

I write from a place of utter shock and dismay on the dangerous precedence being set by the governors of Africa DAO.

Africa DAO had a proposal for $2M to " to organically reinforce the Harmony African ecosystem, making it a key player on the African continent." with 4 core mandates “education, tech for good, conferences and public influence”

In the proposal, they had opined to start off in Kenya, then Uganda and to other African countries. This proposal was met with pop and champagne from citizens of different countries in Africa. As an African, I saw this as a good development and a gateway to organically reinforce the adoption of harmony in Africa. you can view the proposal here: Impact + (Former Africa DAO)

Harmony itself has Africa DAO on its notion website showing to the world it now has a presence in Africa. You can find the link here; Africa DAO – Tech for Good

This DAO was funded with an initial grant of $250K, none of which has been accounted to the African DAO community. Neither has any date for election that is already due been made.

Today, without any prior information to the African community, or a proposal on talk or any voting, the African DAO governors led by @ep2338 changed the name of Africa DAO to Impact+, changed the mandates of the DAO AND THE ENTIRE vision of the DAO.

Here is their reasons: Harmony Africa DAO to Impact Plus DAO Renaming Proposal - Google Docs


  1. This sets a dangerous precedence for the Harmony DAO ecosystem as any funded DAO governors can unilaterally without prior information to the community, autocratically and dictatorially effect far reaching reforms relating to the very essence and substance of the DAO.

This means that the governors of Validator DAO, Community DAO or even the Spanish DAO can wake up one day, and change the name and mandate of the DAO to suit their own personal inclinations.

  1. This looks more like an exploitation of the African community. As a continent who have fought colonial masters for centuries and got their independence within the last 80 years, this is a bad memory for all African community. It just looks like Africa is a pawn in the hands of the first term governors of Africa DAO some or majority of whom are not Africans or even known to the community.

As Harmony do say; the African DAO is the mother of all DAOs in Africa. What does this precedence foretell?

  1. Can the Spanish, the French, Russians, Turkish or Asians allow this to happen to their DAO?
    If no, then why should this happen to Africa? It all goes to show TOTAL disrespect of the African community by the first term governors of Africa DAO who see Africa as a foot in the door towards achieving their own personal dreams.

As I have advised in the telegram, the governors of Africa DAO should give account of how they have spent the funds given to them by Harmony on talk platform, and If they feel that Africa DAO no longer serves “their interest”, they can resign and go form a separate DAO for their vision instead of using the same infrastructures of the African DAO to do this.

Thank you once again for taking time to read all of this and I am hopeful and confident that Harmony and the community will step in and salvage the substance and the very decentralized essence of what a DAO means to the Harmony protocol.

@frwrdslosh @lij @giv


This is so so painful & very disrespectful to Africans. This same DAO has not achieved any tangible impact in Africa. If Harmony is to be taken seriously, it needs to ensure that all of the Governors of this DAO resign their positions and shut down the DAO as its ineffective & empower African Countries that are showing interest to establish their own country DAO. Should it decide that this DAO continues to exist then ONLY Africans can be the governors henceforth as it is already overdue for the next term election. Community members are not in the know on the expenditure of the funds released to these governors hence they must account for all funds. The meetup they asked for submissions , no word on that only for them to change name & mandate. Are Africans a joke to them? They refused to assist NaijaDao with merchandise for their meetup. Where do they actually spend the funds meant for Africa?. This is so so shameful. No help to African communities at all. Look at GhanaDao , they couldnt even be of any support to them .


The plan:

  1. Get $2M funding from Harmony Foundation for the Africa DAO (why did HF provide such huge funding at all?);
  2. Use those funds to pivot and start working on the own project;
  3. ???;
  4. Profit.

Thanks for bringing this to the public. I’m curious to see the response from ex-Africa DAO governors and HF team.


Why core team allocated such sums? Why didn’t they get an expense report?


how this can be possible??? holy


Just a day after expiration of their term as governors they are notifying the community. No wonder you worked for 3 months without charter, no report on your activities and handling of the treasury. Was the aim to get the $2m dollars over the cause of 3yrs & spend outside Africa?


They have no regard for Africans. They have been working for themselves doing as they like not knowing we have been observing them. How many of their governors are Africans? Why use the name AfricanDao in the first place? You think it’s still the era of exploitation of Africans. Let’s see how this pans out. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You started H.E.R DAO that isn’t African , we kept quier & that gave you morale to continue your impunity by changing name& mandate instead of organising election for Africans to manage their affairs while you go form your “Impact Dao” but you want to keep using funds you sought for disguised as AfricanDao. Seems you lot want to see the wrath of Africans. You couldn’t even establish a functional KenyaDao after 3 months but want to answe Impact Dao.


WTF! What’s This? They did this without the consent of the community… Like who do they think they are?

In the words of @frwrdslosh and i quote;

“6 months for first term governors to achieve a sense of sustainability in DAO operations is understandable. We would like to stress the importance of 3 month terms. DAOs are not kingdoms. The initial governors do not rule by divine right, nor are they supposed to be “Governor-for-Life”. DAOism is about community. About passionate participation in projects. It is vital that we have a regular rotation of community members experiencing the responsibility of managing the DAOs treasury.”
Link: Harmony Nigeria DAO (Harmony NaijaDAO) Proposal - #35 by MPunkiller

(This was said doing the time we were putting up the request to have NaijaDao created)

So what does the AfricaDao governors, think that they are doing?

Do they think that we Africans and the Harmony community wont hold them accountable for what they do with the Dao?

This is so despicable.:neutral_face:


Let me share my findings.

:pray:I’m not trying to damage Impuct+ DAO (ex-Africa DAO). Just facts.

  1. There are no publically available working processes of the DAO, tasks dashboard, governors’ areas of responsibility, etc. The DAO is operating more like a black box.

  2. There are no reports to the community about current and future tasks/work.

  3. I didn’t find any work being done by the DAO other than organizing offline events.

  4. There are no ways of communication with the community other than Telegram chat (which is extremely hard to find), Africa DAO stays in its own silo. Twitter banned/deleted? Other DAOs and the Harmony community barely know what’s going inside.

  5. 0 votings on the snapshot since inception - link.

  6. Africa DAO is likely not going to have the new governors’ elections after the 3-month time frame (as proposed by the Harmony Foundation originally). I didn’t find any posts or info that shows the preparations for the elections.

I think that Harmony Foundation should take a close look at this case. Having bad actors in DAOs set damages the reputation of all Harmony DAOs. It’s not fair to the DAOs that are grinding daily and doing a sht ton of work.


thanks @shestov for very constructive questionary

on my end, i’d like to know more about the actual impact that was a result of the weeks of being

there were a few events conducted then how many teams/devs were applied for grants, how many devs joined let’s say the developersDAO, etc., what’s that tangible result that makes the change to Impact+ DAO?

cc @ep2338


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Gm everyone,

This is why I keep asking us all to participate actively in this ecosystem. I believe that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

Harmony ecosystem comprises of all Harmony ONE holders around the world. DAOs are decentralised autonomous organisations though funded by Harmony, the community members has all the powers while the governors prudently manage the treasure/funds of the DAO according to what they were proposed for & give account of every dime to be spent and actual spent to the community .

The governors can make suggestions on ideas they think beneficial to the community in their meetings then present it to the community to vote whether or not it should be implemented or/and how best it should be implemented.

Whichever decision is agreed upon by a majority of the community is put into action . This is why the governors here update this community on every move as should be.

When you talk of web3, it is in a bid to eradicate corrupt practices as is being perpetuated by AfricanDao that Harmony came into place. This is why it seek to scale Trust for billions of people & Create a Radically FAIR economy where you
don’t need to know the powers that be to be successful or do the necessary.

Though that’s what Harmony is saying to us but we are still giving them the benefit of the doubt to see how this AfricanDao abuse of community trust by its questionable character governors pans out.

If you are a harmonaut, African & Nigerian, you have no reason not to belong & following the @OneCommunityDAO ( members of all other DAOs in Harmony with 100 One are members) , AfricanDao(All Africans belong here) & HarmonyNaijaDao ( all Nigerians are members) on telegram, Twitter, discord, , coordinate and every other channels of communication where you bring your own ideas on how best the community should be run.

It is a shame that as Africans, we sit back & watch the AfricanDao be run anyhow by foreigners with total disregard to human dignity & respect to our people. These bring back the sad memories of colonialism , being seen & treated as a conquered powerless people.

These folks can’t try this in their own continent. If they feel the need to champion Harmony back home to the Caribbeans & South America et al then by all means start a DAO for that cause but don’t further ridicule & humiliate Africa. That’s what we are saying. Respect is reciprocal.

When good people of conscience keep silent, evil flourishes. Let this be nipped in the bud right away.