Governors for decentralized autonomous organizations

we can use this thread as the forum to discuss daos on harmony. in particular, we’d like to open this forum for people who are passionate to lead one of the daos as a governor.

in 2021, harmony aims to help our community launch 10 daos, each with up to $1m.

like most daos, the roles of its lead and governors are open-ended and flexible. harmony helps set initial mandates and funding, but its success fully depends on the governors and their engagement over long term.

for anyone who wants to work with us to kickstart a dao, the first milestone is recruiting a group of 5 individuals who have relevant experience and expertise as governors. daos should ideally have 5-out-9 governors for multisig but can start with at least 3-out-5 governors for multisig.

the initial tasks for the 5 potential governors is to work on defining 3 clear mandates for their dao and writing an one-pager that is exciting for the harmony community.

you may use this thread to introduce yourself:

  1. your bio including technical and education background.
  2. your interest in getting involved with one of the daos in the harmony ecosystem.
  3. how you would like to contribute to the ecosystem.

Good… Morning! I’ll go ahead and kickstart this thread!

I’m Chris, but most know me as Tailchakra. I’m an all-round developer from The Netherlands, originating from the southern side of our tiny country. I’ve always been interested in the technical side of IT! I started out with a HomeLab running on Cisco hardware and have tried every Hypervisor out there. When I found out my HomeLab had a lack of user-friendly software, I decided to learn coding myself. After making various (very shitty) apps, allowing my family and friends to use everything on my HomeLab, I decided I had way (and I mean, WAY) more fun coding than I had playing Ops. As a young bloke, I absolutely loved gaming at the time. Games plus code equals… Game design!

When I decided to do another study, I pursued Game Design / Development in Eindhoven instead of app development. This meant I basically lived in Unity3D writing OOP C#, and an entire (virtual) world opened before my eyes! Back then, all you made with Unity3D were flash games, which was still amazing… Up until the fact that you actually had to find a job coding games in Unity3D! Big companies didn’t want you and small companies didn’t pay you, thus Chris developing websites and portals was born.

Then came crypto. I was always addicted to gadgets and new tech, so crypto was to become my next big thing, and it did! After lurking around various networks, I met Freya in a different networks’ Discord and she invited me to her community Discord originating from Harmony. What I found there was something special, a fast and cheap network where I could contribute with my past knowlege from Ethereum? Count me in!

The community and I decided we wanted more than just a Discord, thus Freyala was born – an ecosystem token meant to run multiple apps and multiple contracts. A token meant to scour through all parts of crypto and attach its tentacles to everything solid. We’re open to all other tokens and all other communities. One does not become big on its own, one can only thrive if the entire network becomes an active and healthy atmosphere.

Here’s where the DAO kicks in, Freyala itself isn’t the token I’m here to discuss. It’s the team we have set up!

For anyone who wants to work with us to kickstart a dao, the first milestone is recruiting a group of 5 individuals who have relevant experience and expertise as governors

We as Freyala have set up a team to help strengthen the network - our team consists of:

Freya - Our living typewriter!
Gydo - The backest of back-end developer!
Chris (Tailchakra) - The all round but actually more of a front-end developer!
Splat - The king of communication and multimedia design, a marketing god!
Hugo (Sloppypencil) - Everything he touches makes you want to look twice… Thrice! His art work is absolutely stunning!

This would bring us at 5 governors, forming a team that can handle it all. Not only because we do what we have studied for, but also because we’re launching our own DAO inside the Freyala ecosystem:

CryptIDs - Completely ran on minted tokens by staking. No pre-minted dev fund, no pre-minted marketing fund.

CryptIDs, also known as ‘Harmons’, are monster collectible NFTs created with distinctive properties, giving each one a unique combination of stats and abilities (hence different strengths and weaknesses). Some CryptIDs are simply stronger and more valuable. Users can slowly unlock more CryptIDs tokens by staking XYA. These tokens can be used to open booster packs containing a small number of monsters tentatively named Harmons.

All monsters will have their own unique forms and the following rarities: Common, Rare and Epic. Players will be able to upgrade their Harmons to the next rarity level by merging the same base creature multiple times. Some Harmons will have an extra rarity: Legendary. Legendary variants are limited to a certain group of Harmons and are relativelydifficult to collect, with them being substantially more difficult to obtain or craft.

There are 12 total categories that a CryptID can be classified under:

Harmons can be up to two types at once, creating unique and powerful combinations, while allowing us to create more interesting designs that are not overly complex. New categories may be added in the future but this is all subject to change.

There are three main stats for each Harmon: Health, Power and Speed. Each Harmon will then have a unique quick ability and charged ability that last for different durations.

Players are able to challenge others and select their own team of monsters. At the beginning of each match, players are able to deploy a set number of CryptIDs on their side of the board, while the opponent can do the same on their half of the battlefield.

The game itself is an auto battler, where the monsters perform actions based on a simple set of logic and internal timers. At the end of each timer, a monster can perform one of two actions: Move or Attack.

Monsters can only attack if an enemy is within their range, and attacks take slightly longer to charge than the ‘move’ action. The duration of this timer depends on the ‘speed’ value; this varies for every creature.

A detailed game document for CryptIDs will be released soon. More precise information will be provided about mechanics, Harmons, gameplay and other features.


Hi Lij,

May i ask how the harmony community can be assured that when a new dao would be created, the $1m,- that is given will only be used for the dao’s purpose, and not being cash’ed out by the governors?

Just a little concern.

Thank you!

I’m happy we are finally able to announce our mandates to the Harmony Community. The goal for our Governor DAO Spanish is to educate and unite our Spanish community across the world. We believe that the majority of the community does not understand the technology and it is our duty to rely the correct information to our brother and sisters. I am extremely happy to be apart of this community and I will do everything in my power to help others. I wanted to thank you all for taking the time and for your support. Please reach out for questions or any concerns you may have

-BrotherONE Validator


I love this idea and feel that for Harmony to achieve its goals, educating and engaging with different demographics, cultures, and nationalities is paramount. Sounds like a solid initial plan is in place. Only question I would have is about how postions are filled? Will there be elections in the future once the initial goals of the DAO are achieved?


I love the concept, I myself am latino who does speak Spanish fluent however writing is subpar , if there is anything I can do to expand the reach of Harmony consider it done.


Perfecto! Yo hablo Español y puedo ayudar.


Hi Abraham and hope all is going well.

First I want to say that your proposal is thorough and showcases a strong desire to outreach to a demographic that might not be aware of Harmony or blockchain. I think that’s an awesome goal and I personally think this could lead to great things. The only concern I have is the overlap and duplication of efforts this type of DAO can create. I’ll try my best to describe the concern:

Outreach to the Spanish and French communities certainly can lead to great things - expansion of the community can only lead to a stronger project. However, I begin imagining a time when we wish to outreach to the Chinese or Nigerian communities, or perhaps the Russian communities. This can eventually result in running a number of DAOs, all with very similar mandates and objectives but with the primary difference being language and culture. It’s like having a symphony, only each class of instrument has their own conductor and they’re not working as one.

Duplication of Efforts:
I can also potentially see this resulting in an overlap in goals and a duplication of efforts across different organizations. For example, the Developer, Marketing, Community, and Regional DAOs can collectively accomplish what this DAO is trying to do, but for all of the cultures of the world.

I’m having a hard time envisioning this as a scalable solution to a larger goal we’d want to accomplish. I actually envision this as being a subset of a DAO which encompasses multiple regions and languages.

What are your thoughts?

I hope this isn’t interpreted as negative - just trying to brainstorm here and think of ways to create a scalable system that can grow globally while working in unison and in perfect harmony, versus something that potentially can lead to multiple separate operating groups each filling a specific niche.

Cheers Abraham!
- Daniel


Hi Rock, thank you for the reply and taking your time to contribute to this thread.

I will try to give you an answer to your interesting remarks.

Is there a risk of overlaping or duplication in the efforts ?

My first point is, I think you are speaking in advance of problems that doesn’t exist yet. While it is good to think in advance and to be always a step ahead, at some point we have to start something. It probably won’t be perfect from the beginning but at least it will exists.

If other communities want to join later on, we will be very happy for harmony, it will be a very positive sign and we will offer our help to bootstrap their own DAO.

My second point is, while it is possible to mutualize a few part of the work between France and Spain for example (such as an educationnal website, like does), it will be more complicated to mutualize some other tasks. You cannot create a youtube video for all the communities for example or organize a conference for multiple specific communities at once.

But I agree with you, we will have to work in a good intelligence to not replicate the work several times. Communication and collaboration will be important between all the DAOs on harmony. What I can tell you is, if everyone want to do his own job in his own corner, no matter the organization and the number of DAOs, it won’t work properly at the end of the day.

My third point is, if we regroup all the communities together in the same DAO with different subsets for each community, we will probably loose in communication, agility and reactivity. That also means : Centralized all the communities in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization which sounds a bit weird to me.

I hope I was able to clarify some of your concerns.

Thank your for your attention


I think the security measure is the 5/9 multisig wallet. So 5 of the governors must act maliciously. With this they may also hurt the value of $one, that they are invested in.

But yeah, there is always a risk involved.
I have no better idea :sweat_smile:

I agree and think it is necessary to take a longer term, big picture look. Creating separate language DAOs will inevitably create duplication of effort, and increase the potential for conflicting information and risk undermining brand trust, credibility and authority. Even with a decentralised organisation I feel there will always remain the need to for single source of truth (VCS)

As a lurker of DAO’s I would offer INDEX COOP as a great example of global expansion they are a single DAO, containing different working groups. One of which is growth marketing, out of which has recently arisen language op.

In this case rather than defining DAO by geography maybe we could define by Function?
Say ‘Marketing DAO’ enabling each piece of content to be translated and adapted for other languages and cultural approaches, by members of the community.

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Hey all! I would like to take the opportunity and introduce myself to everyone and tell a little more about me, my name is Adonis and I’m better known in the communities for Megalodon / Donnie Crypto on twitter.

I have 7 years of experience in crypto, I live in South America (Brazil) and I always wanted to contribute to the development of the local scenario in crypto space, I did it in parallel with my main role as a Senior Trader in Crypto for all these years.

In 2020, I reached Binance’s top 10 daily in derivatives, but with the pandemic, I asked myself about my lifestyle and realized it was time to work on something more meaningful and fun, than just making money and contributing to the scenario just in parallel.

With the “retirement” of the trade, I was able to devote more hours to studying protocols, tokenomics, game theory… subjects I love to read and study.

I started volunteer activities in the Ethereum Foundation’s translation group, participated in several DAO channels, contacted my entire network and that’s how the months have passed until today.

After many thoughts, daydreams and inspirations I decided that I should participate now with commitment and activity, so I sketched an idea on Twitter. That was the seed for Continent DAO’s development idea, which is sorely needed in South America and I could contribute all the experience I’ve accumulated over the years, with my crypto knowledge and unite project stakeholders through my contacts.

This is a unique moment in the history of crypto space, if you look at projects like Celo, Harmony, Near, Solana, TheGraph, everyone is creating DAOs to control their treasures, contents, investiment, improvement proposals… anyway, DAOs everywhere, this is wonderful! I’m one of the investors in The DAO’s failure and my concern was that it would wipe out such cool potential in the technology. Fortunately, we are still here and very well.

My main goal is to use all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated to develop DAO governance, researching and evaluating the best practices for their purposes (in fact, I started writing a tokenomics guide to help DAOs who want to better understand whether or not they should release a token for their organizations).

My social networks:

Discord (Megalodon#6639)

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