Code reviews

I would like to offer my services to do Solidity code reviews for projects sponsored by Harmony.

Chosen track: Fellows, Maximum 10 hours a week for $65/hour

I’m a full stack developer (5 years of experience) with a passion for Solidity.

Vulnerabilities in smart contracts will literally destroy projects, so I would like to offer code reviews.
I can pragmatically check all the smart contract code for issues like:
Reentrancy, Arithmetic Overflows, Issues with DelegateCall, Default Visibility, Race Conditions, DOS attacks, Timestamp manipulation, Numerical errors and MANY MORE.

I would like to use my recently developed project as reference:

I’m available for code reviews with appointment and I will give detailed reports of vulnerabilities and their mitigation, if found. The code repository I review must be available online, and I must be able to pull and run the project.
I can’t offer reviews for just code snippets, like people usually ask on discord.