"Isolation is a dreamkiller" - Stephen Tse

Hi Harmony Community,

so I’ve been learning Coding for about 3 months now. I did online tutorials, freecodecamp, and some leetcode problems. These are great learning sources, but not only get this a bit lonely but also lack the practical experiences.

So if you have a project/DAO/idea/etc. with some tasks for an inexperienced programmer, feel free to contact me. I mean, I’m a newbie, but there is nothing you can’t google, right?

Skillset: I know some Frontend knowledge (HTML, CSS, and JS), but my genuine interest is in smart contract development. I also have a background in project management. I can set up a Gantt Chart or help with agile project management techniques (I’m a PSM).

Payment: Sure, like everybody, I would like to get the promised 75$/h. But I get that not all projects are funded. And I want to give a chance to new, small projects. But I also have to pay my landlord. So, for now, I would consider 30$/h a fair deal.

Contact: To be honest, I’m not active in big forums like this or Discord servers. If you have something for me, just shoot me a mail: