Community DAO Council Candidate: Bruno Marshall

Hello Harmony community,
I would like to officially announce my candidacy to run as a Community DAO Council Candidate, therefore I will need you vote on September 29th, 2021.

My name is Bruno Marshall, I have a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, living in Germany. I’m very familiar with Harmony and its development ecosystem since day ONE back in 2019, (first testnet
with Pangaea, then Mainnnet).
I´m part of P-OPS (Pangaea OPS team & tech support), involved in testing all possibly scenarios and helping our community with all related issues.

I would like to actively contribute to the Community DAO mandates, helping everyONE!

Why Community DAO candidate?:

Because I´m already Community Manager in several dapps on Harmony, makes all sense to be part of the Community DAO council, to be the voice from every community and the specific needs.

My community works:

I´m also part of P-OPS Team, helping last 2 years community members.

I´m here to help and support each one of us. You can count on me



Good Luck Bruno, I wish you the best sir! If we both happen to get elected I look forward to working with you.


Best of luck for the election Bruno :+1:


Thank you @Bricktop_One @Biznustime Biznustime

Wish you the best and would be a pleasure to work together with you on the DAO