Community elections for 2 governor positions

Dear community,

We have two open governor positions for the Africa DAO. We welcome each one of you to submit your candidature for the upcoming election of these two positions.

Elected candidates will be expected to work on deliverables for the DAO in a timely fashion and to create with your colleagues a constructive working environment. Please make sure that you have sufficient free time if you apply. Our outputs are considerable, and our deadlines tight! We are a close team of collaborators, and we particularly welcome good humor and a team spirit. Your job will be important, as you will collaborate with a series of important milestones: support the ongoing writing of the new charter, leading the DAO to its consolidation phase if it gets more funding (meaning working in various countries, etc.), increasing community interaction, etc.

We particularly welcome the following profiles, so that they may reinforce the strong points of the actual team:

1.- Community Manager: he/she will be responsible for engaging with the community, partners and funders.

2.- Technical Profile: he/she will engage with the community on technical matters, support local web3 projects and developers, etc.

Women are highly encouraged to apply.

Candidacy Posting
From March 05 to March 13 (midnight EAT) you may submit your candidacy. To submit your candidacy, go to and select “new topic” (top right of the page) with the title: Africa DAO Candidate: [XXXX] as the subject line (replacing “[XXXX]” with your name, of course). Fill out any details you believe are important for the community to know about you in order to receive their vote. People can then ask you questions, find out about you, and you can engage with the community.

The pool for candidates closes at Midnight EAT, March 13. No candidates will be considered after this time. Only candidates posted on the harmony forum will be considered. Once a candidate has submitted their candidacy to, they are free to campaign. Visit reddit, visit telegram, twitter or other social media channels.

Once you have posted your candidate you may start campaigning. The days between March 05 and March 20 will be dedicated to conversations and communications about what the Africa DAO means to you and any question the community might have for you.

There will be a Discord AMA in the Africa DAO Discord server on 11 March and 17:00 EAT. The candidates will be able to respond to questions from the community. We will also seek questions from the community prior to the AMA. The AMA will be moderated by the Governors.

The election runs from March 14 until March 20, Midnight EAT. You may campaign during the campaigning period too. At the end of the election period the two new Governors will have been elected into their positions. The vote will be held on Snapshot -which will be set up on March 14 by the current governors- and closed on March 20, Midnight EAT. Voters must hold at least 1 ONE in their wallets.

Once the election closes the new governors will be integrated into all current communications systems and start the organizing process the next day.

Ps. we are very grateful to the validator DAO for having provided us with clear information on how to run an election.


Hi friends,

The voting is now live: Snapshot. Please cast your votes over the next few days. Candidate profiles are available on this forum. Please note that you must have a nonzero $ONE balance to vote, and that we’re using ranked choice voting (RCV) so you may rank one or more candidates in order of preference.